Nov 3, 2016


3 Pet Peeves

1. Open doors.  Cabinets, closets, the door to my classroom.  Something about doors ajar make me feel unsettled.  I remember in Saipan, I was constantly asking students to close the door to my classroom.  The coat closet by our front door is always open, and it drives me bananas.  I always make sure our bedroom door is closed before I go to sleep.  Some folks have an "open door" policy.  Not me.  Close the door.  Open a window if you really must.

2.  Wasting food. I hate to see good food--and even not so good food--go to waste. My grandmother drilled into me the importance of a clean plate when I was a boy, and to this day throwing away food feels wrong.  Just this week I finished a cup  of coffee in the afternoon just so I wouldn't have to throw it away, even though I knew it would keep me up at night.  I stuffed myself on two sets of leftovers at one meal, just so I wouldn't have to discard the food. And while I despise little tiny dollops of leftovers almost as much as my friend Mai does, I would rather save those dollops than throw them away.  And with me, any food saved will assuredly be eaten.

3.  Getting to the movie so late that we miss not only the previews, but also the first few minutes of the movie.  I always feel like I missed something and my enjoyment of the rest of the film always remains incomplete. Worst of all, I feel like I'm unlikely to ever have another chance to see those first minutes, because I've seen the whole rest of the movie, and won't likely bother to rewatch the film just to get the beginning.

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