Apr 17, 2009

Meet The Monster Hunters

From L to R, "Takako", lead vocals; "Tiara" backing vocals, guitar; "Little Steven", lead guitar, "Jong Won", drums; "Kareem Adul", bass; and "Jennifer", keyboards.
The Monster Hunters are the latest pop-rock sensation, and if you haven't heard them on the radio yet or picked up their latest single on itunes it's simply because they are entirely fictional.

During some down time hanging out at our favorite gelateria in Guam, Jaimie was snapping some pictures of the 8th graders and took a few that had the cool, sophisticated look a photo shoot for a band. We could easily imagine these photos on back of a CD or on promo banner ad on myspace. The Monster Hunters (named after a video game that "Kareem Adul" played constantly on his PSP throughout the trip) were born.

In short order we had identified each of the band members talents, all also imaginary (with exception of Little Steven who really does play a pretty decent electric and acoustic guitar. He played Jimi Hendrixesque version of "Pomp and Circumstance" at last year's 8th grade graduation). We even created fictional first single "Shut Up and Listen" and second single, "Mud." Now we're just waiting for "Takako" to write the lyrics!

What would the Monster Hunters sound like if they actually made a sound. Maybe a little Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne, with a darker flavor, more of an edge--something like Evanescence perhaps. In a world where it seems style rules over substance, the Monster Hunters have style in spades. As for the substance, there may be no musical notes to be heard, but working with great kids like these makes for beautiful music the heart can hear, if not the ears.

Here are a few more photos that may be found in the liner notes of their latest nonexistant CD:

Tell me this kid doesn't remind you of a Korean Bob Dylan.

Apr 11, 2009

Guam 2009: Sunday thru Tuesday "The Lap of Luxury"

Our home for the last three days of our 8th grade class trip, the five star Outrigger Hotel in Guam.

Nicole living it up in the lap of luxury at the Outrigger Hotel in Guam.

The view of the free form pool at the Outrigger Hotel from the girls hotel room balcony.

On Sunday, March 22, we moved from our spartan (but free) digs at Guam Adventist Academy to the lap of luxury, the Outrigger Resort in the heart of glitzy, touristy, Tumon Bay.

The kids loved it.

And to be honest, the grown-ups did too.

After taking one last shopping run to Micronesia Mall, where most the kids ran through the last of our funds, we checked into the Outrigger and immediately began to enjoy its sumptious amenities. The kids hustled down to the massive free form pool with it's double slide and waterfalls for an evening swim. They swam for probably close to two hours. Jaimie watched them while Nicole and I drove off in search of Korean food for dinner and to return our rental cars. We ended the day by feasting on delicious Korean takeout from Sejeong Restaurant.

Monday we spent most of the day at the Tarza Waterpark located just across the street from our hotel, then walked over to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, and rounded out the evening with gelato at a gelateria down the street from the Outrigger.

On Tuesday, our last day in Guam we took the kids for some watersports on the beach. Originally it was supposed to be jetskiing at the beach, but upon our arrival at the beach club, we discovered that Guam law states that you must be 16 to drive a jetski. So rather than the suffer the humiliation of having to ride behind their teachers, the kids opted for a banana boat ride instead. Jaimie, Nicole, and I tooled around on the proscribed jet ski course for half an hour, then met the kids back on the beach for a morning of beach side activities--the sea kayaks and paddle boats, ping pong and beach volleyball.

In the afternoon we returned to the Outrigger. Some of us spent the afternoon soaking up the luxury of the hotel, while others went with Nicole on a last round of shopping. We ended the day with a sumptious meal at nearby Italian restuarant and more gelato, thanks to Miss Missy, one of our former teachers who is now living on Guam and stopped by that evening to see some of her former students and catch up. It was good to see her.

That night we gathered in the lobby to enjoy our complimentary non-alcholic drinks that came with our room package and listen to the live music. It was a spirited end to a fun trip. After that we packed up, caught a little bit of sleep and then headed to the airport for our 2:30 A.M.flight home.

Tumon Bay, Guam as seen from our hotel room.

The kids muster up some enthusiam for the banana boat after having been denied the jetski on Tuesday, March 24, 2009.

A little reminiscent of the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun, perhaps?

. . .or perhaps not. . .