Apr 17, 2009

Meet The Monster Hunters

From L to R, "Takako", lead vocals; "Tiara" backing vocals, guitar; "Little Steven", lead guitar, "Jong Won", drums; "Kareem Adul", bass; and "Jennifer", keyboards.
The Monster Hunters are the latest pop-rock sensation, and if you haven't heard them on the radio yet or picked up their latest single on itunes it's simply because they are entirely fictional.

During some down time hanging out at our favorite gelateria in Guam, Jaimie was snapping some pictures of the 8th graders and took a few that had the cool, sophisticated look a photo shoot for a band. We could easily imagine these photos on back of a CD or on promo banner ad on myspace. The Monster Hunters (named after a video game that "Kareem Adul" played constantly on his PSP throughout the trip) were born.

In short order we had identified each of the band members talents, all also imaginary (with exception of Little Steven who really does play a pretty decent electric and acoustic guitar. He played Jimi Hendrixesque version of "Pomp and Circumstance" at last year's 8th grade graduation). We even created fictional first single "Shut Up and Listen" and second single, "Mud." Now we're just waiting for "Takako" to write the lyrics!

What would the Monster Hunters sound like if they actually made a sound. Maybe a little Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne, with a darker flavor, more of an edge--something like Evanescence perhaps. In a world where it seems style rules over substance, the Monster Hunters have style in spades. As for the substance, there may be no musical notes to be heard, but working with great kids like these makes for beautiful music the heart can hear, if not the ears.

Here are a few more photos that may be found in the liner notes of their latest nonexistant CD:

Tell me this kid doesn't remind you of a Korean Bob Dylan.


Mai said...

Great post!!! Love the photos!

Jai said...

Yay! You posted my favorite pictures of all the boys! I would also like to say that Mai commented on both of these posts, saying that she liked the pictures. I'm trying to remember who took them...hmm...who could've had such amazing skills? :)