Nov 17, 2016

Come Again

Todays topic: Something I miss

I know they mean something or someone from my past that I miss, and I thought a lot about things that I miss before deciding to go in a totally different direction.  I decided to read it as something that I miss, as in don't notice.  And interpreting the topic this way,  the thing that I miss is. . .what you just said.

I'm notorious for being completely absorbed in what I'm doing. It can be when I'm reading or on the computer, but it can be when I'm doing just about anything. People will talk to me and it will vaguely register that someone is speaking to me, but it usually takes a couple of tries before I come out of the fog and am actually able to hear you.

It drives Babs nuts, and my colleagues will give you a knowing chuckle if you ask them about it.

I don't know why I'm this way, only that I always have been.

Oh, I'm sorry did you say something?

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