Jul 3, 2009

Dispatches from the Long Walk: "Too Busy Living"

The house, is at long last emptying out. The place has that empty, hollow sound when you talk. It's no longer a home, but merely a house. TV, DVD player, playpen, computer--all gone. The kitchen cupboards are bare, the fridge empty. The only clutter left is the dwindling pile on the living room floor, where Tali works quietly on wrapping up the last of the stuff Virle will ship for us on Monday, after we are gone.

I suppose it's sad, but I'm too tired to be sad.

And I suppose I'm in a kind of denial. I really can't believe we're leaving. It doesn't seem real, despite all the evidence.

I had planned to complete all my Saipan blogs by the time I left, sum up my experience with a grand flourish and a dramatic final post Thursday night before I switched off my computer for the last time and turned it over to the guy from Bali Fashion who bought it a few weeks ago. But the reality was that there was no time for lengthy reflection, no time for carefully laid out picture galleries. This week has been a constant rush, and we were lucky to squeeze in a little time with good friends, take a few moments to take in the tropical beauty, much less think on it. We were blessed to be able to live these precious moments and memories, if I wasn't able to blog about it.

So those posts will come later, when I am in Ohio next week, and in Florida the week after that, when I truly will be "looking back" on Saipan. Perhaps the additional perspective will be valuable? At any rate, in i's place will be a few short musings--something I've rarely down here--over the next 24 hours or so, capturing the moments as we begin, at last, our own Long Walk.

Though lets be honest, at the rate things have been going, I'll be lucky if I sit down at a computer again before we leave Saipan.

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