Jul 4, 2009

Dispatches from the Long Walk: "Last Sabbath"

After church

A few more images from our last Sabbath in Saipan, July 4, 2009.

At the Grotto. Just as had been the case all week, there simply wasn't enough time. We'd wanted to go to Jefferies Beach, which we did, the Grotto, and wrap things up with one last trip to Mt. Topachau. But we couldn't do it all without being excessively late to the farewell, so we decided to go for the Grotto. Though, I'm saddened not have been able to catch that panaromic vista one more time, I'm glad we chose the Grotto. The day was overcast and the peak would probably have been shrouded in mist obscuring the view anyway. On the other hand, the Grotto's waves were low, the water warm and still a deep, rich blue, even on a sunless day. I throughly and literally immersed myself in the experience, bringing my mask and snorkel so I could see the fish, and luminus glow of the underwater exits to the ocean beyond. It was a memorable moment.

Riding with the dogs!
Just before we got to Jefferies Beach, Babs decided that wrapping up a few things at home and getting a nice massage would be the best way for her to conclude her time in Saipan. I sure didn't want to tinker with the vital ways in which we each said goodbye, so I let her take the car with Elijah and the rest of the afternoon rode in the back with what you see above and below as my view from the back of the Pierson's truck (the cab and JohnMo's van were already full). The wet dog smell doesn't come through in the photos, but it's okay. It was worth it to me to get my last glimpses of Saipan, and I know it was worth it to Babs to have the peace of mind that comes from finished tasks and a luxurious massage.

Going Away party from the Departees P.O.V. The Paezes and the Maycocks sit up front on the chairs they always set up for the ones leaving so that everyone can get one last good look, I guess.

Saturday night the church threw a going away party for us. Many of our church friends and lots of students from the school as well came to say farewell. We were really touched by their kind words, and the lovely album and plaques they presented us. It was good to be with friends on our last night in Saipan.

Our audience

Thanks for the pics, Ernie!

Babs with Amalia, one of the new church members from Kagman, who we "adopted" after she and her daughter Pelly were baptized.


Mai said...

I love your Filipino outfits!!

Anonymous said...

haha!! i agree with ms. mai !!
i miss you guys !
-yukiie[u knoe who i am yuk___
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