Jul 10, 2009

Hello, Old Friends

Of all the important things we did in our final days in Saipan, the most important was the time we spent with old friends. To all of our dear friends in Saipan, three simple words:

We love you.

Galvin Deleon Guerrero. We had a great chat over breakfast and coffee at Cafe in the Park. We could have talked all morning but I was busy getting ready to leave and he was busy running for Lt. Governor of Saipan. Let's make that movie, G!

Russ & Kanae Quinn. Thanks for the lovely dinner and the wonderful friendship! Glad we made at least one of those Bible studies!

Me with "the boys". "K" and "M" let me come over and burn a bunch of old papers (old credit card bills and such) that I didn't want sitting around in a dumpster. Thanks for putting your pyrotechnic skills to work on my behalf, fellas. Stay safe and be well.

The Paez clan at Tito Paez's 23rd birthday party at Capricciossa. Tito was my introduction to the Paez family when he became my student in the 7th grade the second year we were in Saipan. Love you guys!

Masa "The Man" Yoshida. He was a student of mine for many years and a longtime member of REAL. I got your back, Mas.

"PK" (my nickname for our "Pastor's Kid"), "J", "Ji", and "Little Sister"--lots of beauty, brains, and talent here. I'll miss teaching/directing you all.

John "John Mo" Moreno (with "Little Sister" and "Ji"). Wish we'd had more time to hang out, my friend.

Venus Zietske worked for us as Elijah's nanny in the mornings after he became a little too energetic for Babs to have him at work all day. Thanks for loving and caring for our son, Venus!

Movie Night with Virle, Joeie, and Edna. I can't even remember the movies we watched. What really mattered was the company we kept. Virle, I guess the movie/reality TV talk will have to continue via Facebook.

Rex and Clarie Kosack. Thanks for being such wonderful friends and mentors. We really enjoyed the dinner at your house. Hope we can do it again someday.

The Palacios family. These wonderful folks with their two sons in our school planned a little going away party featuring all the best local food. The food and the company were fantastic. Thanks for thinking of us.

Fredo Paez at his graduation from high school He was Barbara's student in the second grade when we came to Saipan. Congrats Fredo! I'm so proud of you.

High School Graduation Reunion Dinner for 8th grade class of 2005, Raymond Santos on left and Fredo Paez on right. They're the only ones left (besides Min Su Cho, whom I couldn't find) from their class of seven. We had a nice dinner with them at Casa Urashima.

Summer School. I taught until July 2.

My last students in Saipan, my summer school ESL students. Keep working hard and doing you best. Thank you for all the nice notes you wrote me!

I can't believe the only recent picture I have of the four of us together is at the airport the day we left. Thanks for being great friends and running buds. We will miss you. . .so glad we'll see you in two weeks!

Best friends. What will we do without you, Carol? See you in November!

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Mai said...

Praise the Lord for old friends, eh? That's awesome that M & K let you burn stuff at their house!! Movie night looked awesome! Love the pic of Fredo and Elijah!! Great post all together....miss you, friend!!