Jun 26, 2009

P.I.C.--Recipe for a Perfect Day

Pacific Islands Club. To truly experience it, you really need the whole day. I mean, sure, those little two hour trips for free with the students on a weekday morning are nice and all, but for the proper PIC experience you've gotta go full-day, lunch at the Magellan included.

One of my favorite memories of our first year in Saipan, was the trips Steve took the staff on to PIC. The resort had just expanded it's water park, adding the lazy river, the Point Break flow rider machine, and some additonal slides, so everything was brand spankin' new. We had so much fun together as a staff, playing volleyball, and an enthusaistic game of water polo, stuffing ourselves at the Magellan buffet, and riding down the lazy river on a giant train of inner tubes, one big joyous, sun-soaked family.

Since then the staff at SDA has grown to the point where such trips aren't financially feasible anymore, but Babs and I continued,on our own, to make a habit of going to P.I.C. for the day. In recent years, we'd started making it a Christmas vacation tradition.

Well, this past year, we were in the States for the holidays and next year we will be again, so we decided to take a classic Day at PIC two weekends ago on June 14, 2009.

Here's our recipe for what amounts to a pretty near perfect day--a day at PIC.

Welcome to Pacific Islands Club! Let the fun begin

We always start off the day with a couple rounds on the lazy river.

On a nice, sunny day, it feels especially good to get drenched by the waterfall.

After some rest, we're ready to hit the water slides. There are two small slides that splash into the large free form pool. Me and the Feller are stadning near one entrances (You can just make out the foam at the right behind me where the flume hits the water).

After awhile Babs usually gets a little dizzy from floating in a long, lazy loop for so long, so we head back to our chairs, for some reading and maybe a little nap.

It's time for lunch, and after a morning in the sun and water, the Magellan hits the spot.
In my opinion, P.I.C.'s Magellan restaurant has the best buffet on Saipan (well, with the possible exception of Sundays, when the Hyatt's famous Sunday brunch gives the Magellan a serious run for its money). You can stuff yourself on a multitude of delicious entrees, select delicasies from the monster-sized salad and dessert bars, and stop in at a chef's station or two to top it off. All the big hotels and resorts on Saipan, but none, on a daily basis, come close to the quality and variety of the Magellan.

I didn't actually take the photo above by the way. Babs and I didn't take any photos from our day at PIC until the afternoon when we came back with Elijah. So I nabbed this one from PIC's website. The funny thing is the model family in the photo are people we actually know--our friends Tyce and Angie Mister and their kids.

After lunch, we went back and retrieved Elijah from Virle who was watching him, and brought him back so he could experience some P.I.C. magic too. We started by taking him to the kiddy pool, pictured here.

Elijah with Mom and Dad at PIC

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Mai said...

PIC is such a special place! I remember that Christmas a few years ago when you both included Jere and I in your Christmas tradition - what beautiful memories!!!