Jun 3, 2009

Saipan TDL #4: Karaoke with the Lacortes!

The karaoke gang inclduing Carol and the Staffords on the right, Cristina and Angie, Nicole and Rhonda, and Megan. (Babs had gone home early to put Elijah to bed--karaoke is really my thing, not hers).

This past Sunday night, May 31, 2009, we gathered at the Lacorte home for one of my favorite activities--karaoke!

Ernie Lacorte, the chief financial officer at the SDA dental clinic, church leader, and father of three of our SDA students, is the karaoke king. He's probably the only person who loves karaoke more than I do, and he's got the super-duper set up in his house: the video system showing the song lyrics against a backdrop of scenic Philippines vistas,high fidelity speakers, the songbook with thousands of song titles, old and new, to choose from and least two or three karaoke microphones. We've been singing karaoke for years in Saipan, usually in the company of the Lacorte family. I knew before we found ourselves "leaving on a jet plane" we'd have to sing with Ernie one more time.

To get us warmed up and relaxed before the music began, the Lacortes started us off with a delicious feast of Filipino favorites--pancit, rice with a rich, tofu based sauce, salsa and chips, salad, and of course, halo-halo (or mix-mix as it is known in English). In your bowl, place spoonfulls of coconut jelly, chick peas, jackfruit, ube paste or ice cream or whatever ingredients suit your taste. Top with a mound of shaved ice, then drench the ice in evaporated milk. Then, "mix-mix" together and you're ready to eat! Halo-halo is supposed to be for dessert, but I went ahead and made up a bowl BEFORE I ate the rest of my meal--that's how good it is.

As dinner wound down, it was time to go to the mic. As as is often the case, our would-be singers--among them, the Piersons, Carol, Angie, Cristina, Megan, Rhonda and Nicole--were a little timid about singing at first. Since we are Seventh-day Adventists, there was no alcohol to turn to loosen up everyone's inhibitions. We relied on Ernie instead who crooned a couple of songs, pitch-perfect to get us going.
I was next to go, selecting my old standby, "Heartbreak Hotel" (see video). After that people started jumping in and before long the whole house was singing.

It was a fun evening of music, laughter and love. I'll never forget it.

The spread of delicious food provided for us.

Girlie Zuinega, our 5/6 teacher grinds out some ice shavings for the halo-halo

Our hosts, Ernie and Jho Lacorte (in red) with their oldest daugher.

Rhonda and Megan

Crystal, Babs, and Elijah, early in the evening before Babs and Elijah left.

Cristina and Angie.

Nicole and Rhonda getting into their song.

It's not a true karaoke party until someone sings "YMCA"

I've never allowed anyone to tape me singing Elvis. . .until now.

There are lots of highlights to the evening of karaoke at the Lacorte house. Ken gives his rendition of "The Gambler", "YMCA" is sung (with motions of course). We sing with enthusiasm and abandon. . .most times anyway. There are times though when the excitement is flagging a little. I thought it was rather ironic the song we were singing in this little video snippet.


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

haaaaaa!!!!! Yes, we weren't too enthusiastic, or should I say "excited" about singing, "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!" HAAA! Of course this was after a full day of dentistry at our free Clinic With A Heart day and a Grotto dive! ;-) Great vid. Very funny!

Mai said...

I can't watch the videos from here (although I will sent I get back state-side) but all those pictures bring back so many great memories! Karaoke, halo-halo, and good company.... what more do you need?