Jun 19, 2009

The Last Last Day of School

Friday, June 5, 2009. . .

The Last Joint Worship: Raise your hand for quiet.

"Stand up and Fight Anyhow!" One of the kids' favorite songs this year. Apologies for the egregious "joyful noise" I happen to be making. :)

Babs gives her final Joint Worship address.

All of this year's Students of the Month.

Last Words of Appreciation: Each year Babs has students volunteer to write a message of appreciation to their teachers. Then at the last joint worship, another student reads the messages on their behalf while the authors look on. Then the writer goes up and gives their teacher a hug. It's a really sweet tradition, and means a lot, especially to those of us who are leaving. Here's "Koala" reading my letters.

A "man hug" for "Ko"

The Last Farewells to my kids: For many years, I would give a little farewell speech on the last day of school, addressing each of my students individually and sharing my unique memories and impressions of them. I stopped doing it after awhile when it seemed that many of my students were usually back in my class the next year. I brought it back this year. This video is specifically for two of my students, siblings Won Ho and Ha Yan Lee, you left Saipan the day before. They are relocating to Berrien Springs, MI this summer and Babs and I already have plans to stop in and visit them this fall.

The Last Water Fight: For the first few years we were in Saipan, the last-day-of-school water fight was a school tradition. This year we brought it back, thanks to our Student Association. Our camera battery died so all we got of the water fight was this short video snippet just before the fight began. If you look quick on the left side of the screen just before the end of the video, you'll see me crouched with my SuperSoaker, ready for action.

he Last TGIS. Actually this was the Bible study before TGIS was supposed to start. I was expecting just our Bible study regulars--"Little Sister", "J" and maybe "M". But half the school showed up early for TGIS, thinking that's when it started and so they all ended up joining the Bible study.

. . .The Last Last Day of School

My Life in Saipan: These two students, "M" above, and "J" below, as well as "M's" twin brother "K", are what I call my "life" in Saipan, because that's what they represent to me. When we moved here they weren't even in kindergarten. Now they are high school sophomores. I've literally watched them grow up and it has been wonderful. I will miss these kids especially.

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Mai said...

Awwww.... so sad :( It feels like I'm leaving all over again to watch you leave :(

(My "favorite" chinese student in 4th grade got student of the month? He must have made lots of improvement since last year - that's great to hear!)