Jun 12, 2008


Riki was the first of our staff members to take the Long Walk. She left early--just two days after pre-school graduation, on Tuesday, June 3--and we were sad to see her go.

I will always remember Riki for her gentle spirit and humble heart. She's a woman of remarkable talents--she a guitarist, a singer, a skateboarder, a scuba diver, and all around outdoor enthusiast. She is generous with her gifts yet always unassuming in her generosity. She didn't seem to require accolades or acknowledgement--she just quietly went about the business of giving of herself to her students at the preschool, to the church, to her colleagues, to her friends, to all of us.

This year wasn't always easy for Riki. She faced some difficult times along the way, but she bore the burden of those painful moments with quiet dignity. Though I'm sure she hurt, she never complained, never seemed to grow bitter.

I feel like I didn't get to know Riki as well as I now wish I had. She worked at the pre-school campus and for a good part of the school year didn't live on the Compound with the rest of us. Still we did share some good times--she came with us to Australia, she ran to the top of Mt. Tapochau on Thanksgiving Day, she was a regular diver, and of course we had a blast with her amazingly cool family when they came to visit during the Christmas holiday. I wish there'd been more times like that.

Riki, I wish you the best of luck as you start off on your next big adventure in OT School. I miss you.

Riki and her dad on top of Mt. Tapochau, New Years Eve, 2007

Riki in Australia

Mai and Riki on the early morning of her departure from Saipan, Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Babs and Riki at the airport.

Me and Riki

Riki takes her Long Walk.

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