Jun 6, 2008

Baby Shower

She's got that glow! My lovely wife and our growing son. This photo was taken by our good friend Carol on Sunday, June 1, 2008 just a few minutes before Barbara's surprise baby shower.

A group shot at the end of the shower. Front, L to R: Megan Perry (our new summer school teacher), Riki, Me, Judith, Babs, "Little Sister", Mai, Joiey, and "Little Sister's" little brother. Standing in the back: Andrea Stafford (wife of the newest dentist at the SDA Clinic), Vero, Virle, Carol Paez, Girlie, Jessica, Amy, and Crystal Pierson. (Ken Pierson snapped the pic. Thanks to Crystal for all of these pictures by the way. Our camera was full of pre-school graduation pictures!)

Babs and I opening gifts.

They say that pregnant women have a glow about them. Like brides, every woman has a special kind of beauty when she's pregant. I don't know that I can comment on all women, but I definitely can say it's true for Babs. If you ask me she makes for pretty hot mama-to-be!

About a week and half ago some of our teachers got together to throw Barbara an early baby shower. They were all moving off island and wouldn't be around for Elijah's entrance into the world. I'm not sure when baby showers are traditionally held, but they clearly didn't want to miss out on the fun and so they planned a small shower at the Piersons. A big thanks to Veronyka Perez, our kindergarten teacher this past year, for coming up with the idea and orchestrating everything. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is deeply appreciated Vero!

The genuine excitement this past year's teachers have had about Elijah has been touching to both Babs and me. It's a measure of their love for us that they have been so excited to share in our joy. Herewith some photos from the baby shower:

Surprise! Babs thought she was coming over to the Pierson's house to discuss "school issues" (as Ken Pierson sits on the school board). She was completely surprised.

What's a shower without games right? In this game we had to draw a picture of Baby Elijah on a paper plate while holding the plate on our heads. I found my rendering bore a strong resemblance to the ultrasound!

Baby gifts! Everytime I look at those tiny little clothes and imagine that in a few months my son is going to fill them, I get a little misty-eyed.

This little outfit reads: "I'm a prince, but Dad is the king" Nice!

Throughout the evening we had this ongoing game where everyone wears a clothespin and if a person says the word "baby", you get to take all the clothespens that person has. The person with most clothes pins at the end of the evening wins. Well, at the final moments of the evening, Ken, who'd been collecting clothespins all night slipped up and I caught him, thus becoming the winner for the evening. Here I am collecting his clothespins. You're a good sport, Ken!

So Elijah is coming--only a little more than three months to go, and our lives will change forever. For someone like me who doesn't like change the thought of it can be a little daunting at times. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way and I can't wait to meet him! We'll keep you posted as we count down the months, weeks, and days before Elijah William Maycock moves out of his comfy current home and out into our world, our lives, our hearts.


Mai said...

I'm glad we got to share that time with you, Barbara & Elijah - and I can't wait to see his curly little head sticking out of all those clothes, too! You better post lots and lots and LOTS of pictures once he's born. And you better show him lots of pictures of me too, so that he knows who his Auntie Mai is!! :)

Beverly Mae said...

Yay for surprise baby showers! Looks like you got alot of great gifts! I'm looking forward to Elijah's arrival=) Miss you and Barbara!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAGGGGHHH! I can't wait!!! Hurry Baby Elijah! xoxo!

-Aunt Dawny

p.s. Barbara looks absolutley radiant! She DEFINENTLY has that glow:)