Jun 17, 2008


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By faith, Judith, when she was called, obeyed by going out to a place she was going to receive and love; and she went out, not knowing where she was going. . .

It was how she arrived, and how she left--unsure of where she was headed but trusting in the heart and guiding hand of the One who led her. Her story is Abraham recast as an artsy, Oregonian chick with honey-blond hair, blue eyes, and a penchant for all things organic and earth-friendly.

In September I posted a blog about the miracle of Judith's journey to Saipan. Well, back then, we didn't fully realize the extent of the miracle God had wrought when He brought Judith to us. With wisdom beyond her years and a knack for teaching that would put many trained professionals to shame, Judith turned out to be one of the best teachers we've had at the Saipan SDA School. Judith is smart and creative; she taught with her head and from her heart. And what a heart! She loved unreservedly; she taught from love-- real, unaffected, unpretentious--love for God and heartfelt love for her students. But don't take my word for it; check out her Tales of a Whimsy Peddler and be enriched be her beautifully written perspectives on life as missionary teacher. Just one entry, My Secret Art Society, speaks volumes of the passion she brought to her work. Spend just a little bit of time with Judith Edwards and you'll find she shines from the inside out.

In addition to all of that Judith was a running buddy, a fellow debater of politics and theology, and a very dear friend. We shared a common outlook on life and our thinking processes were very similar, yet neither of us were afraid to challenge or push the other. We kept each other sharp. I will miss having Jude, my kindred spirit, in my daily life.

Jude, I'm thankful for many things about you, but most of all I'm thankful that you've listened to God. You let him lead you here and you have made a permanent place in our hearts, a lasting mark on this place. Now He's leading you on, and I know this much: that wherever you go, you will shine just as you did here,and that, if and when the time is right, He will bring you back again to this, your Promised Land. Peace out, my friend.

Jude with two of her fellow 4Runners

Babs, Judith, and Me at the airport on the day of her departure from Saipan, Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

Judith and Me.

Judith Marie Edwards. . .an arrow pointing in the right direction

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Whimsy Peddler said...

Sean! You're breaking my heart! I'm sitting here in the staff lounge crying my eyes out!

Saipan was and is such a huge blessing...

Thank you for your words my friend. I miss you every day.