Jun 10, 2008

A Good Run

This year's team: From L to R: pre school teachers Kathleen, Shirley, and Joiey, office manager and accountant Virle, ESL teacher Jessica, Babs, Me, 3/4 teacher Mai, 5/6 teacher Judith , Kinder teacher Veronyka, 1/2 teacher Girlie, our new summer school teacher Megan Perry, and office assistant Antonee. Missing from this photo taken this past Sabbath, June 7 right after church is pre-school director Amy who didn't make it to church that day and pre-school teacher Riki who had already flown home.

Last year the metaphor was "rock stars"--this year it's all about the run. Turning into that final home stretch, we picked up the pace, and gave it all we had. With the finish and the end of the run in sight, we lengthend our stride, our hearts poundeed, and we milked every pace of that final stretch until quite suddenly we were done--that which at times seemed like it would last forever (and sometimes we wished it would last forever and sometimes we hoped it wouldn't) was now finished. All that remained was a Long Walk and memories and the warm feeling of accomplishment at having run well.

The school year is over. Many of our friends among the staff have flown away for good. I've been so busy just trying to keep up with the quickened pace of things that I haven't had time to blog--or rather I've chosen to use what precious time I had to spend with my friends before they left knowing that there would be plenty of time for reflection on the blog in the lonely, quiet days once they were gone. Well, now that time is here and in the coming days I'll be posting a series of blogs recounting the highlights of the final days of this years team and paying tribute--starting with Riki and ending with Mai--to the remarkable people who gave their all this year and finished strong.

It was a good run, team!

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Mai said...

It was a good run......I'm sad it's over.