Jun 26, 2008

Our Future

Elijah's clothes waiting for their owner.

The other day I ducked into our guest bedroom, and there it was--our future all layed out neatly in front of me.

I used to get a little misty eyed whenever I'd see baby shoes or baby clothes that would someday belong to my son. Now, I get excited. To most people, it's just baby clothes--but to me and Babs, it's a glimpse of our child. Soon he's going to fill all those clothes (and yes, those diapers too--hoo boy!), and they will take on his personality. Memories will be made in these little clothes. I can't wait!

Thanks to all the generous friends and loved ones who've already started ensuring Elijah will be well-dressed from head to toe!


Mai said...

so exciting! I can't wait for his arrival!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to bring Elijah all Aunti's gifts!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Maycocks!

...a new baby... I'm excited for you!

WOW... time sure flies... but you two haven't aged a bit! Life must be really good there in Saipan.

Sean, I read your blog about reconnecting and maintaining friendships with old students. I applaud you for your dedication and sincerity to mission work.

WOW... Shoko and Myla are PARENTS!!! They're still babies... How is this possible??? Am I getting "OLD"?


My email address is teneralove@hotmail.com

It was really nice to see pictures and catch up with you and yours.

Why does Ernie look the EXACT SAME??? Am I the only one aging?

Seriously need to consider leaving the city and moving to... Hmmmm...

Best regards,
Tenera V. Armbrister-Carey
Atlanta, GA