Mar 6, 2009

A Mark: Grace Like Rain

"J", "Micronesian Queen", and "Unique", the daughter of our new pastor and the newest student in our SDA School 9th grade class, play and sing "Grace Like Rain."

One of the marks that those who are led by the Spirit leave on this dot in the Pacific are the songs that they teach us to sing. Songs like a "Dig a Hole" brought by Kathy Stair in 2000-2001 and "Milk" and "The Slinky Song" by Graves and Gleason in 2006-2007. And this song. When I heard the girls, I couldn't help but think of the one who taught it to us. You know who you are. . .this song is for you, who taught and lived it. "J" plays better than ever, "Micronesian Queen" has graduated from uke to guitar, and a new friend now sings along, but the song remains the same--a mark you left behind.


Bev said...

I loved singing Grace like Rain with the youth during Sabbath School. Thanks for posting pics of your fun adventures on Managaha!

Riki said...

This brought a smile to my face. I'm so proud of those kids! They're already such great leaders, and I can't wait to see their continued successes in life.

G-rant said...

Sean, It's great to see all the pics. Everyone is growing up. Glad you're having fun out there. Enjoy! Take care!