Mar 28, 2009

Guam: Sabbath-LOST

. . .and cue ominous "boom" ala opening of LOST TV series. . .

The LOST 8th graders

Wandering the trackless wilds of Guam. These countless muddy, red clay four-wheeler tracks made it so confusing!

Blogging has been very difficult lately. It's been very busy and what little time I have at home is often taken up with looking after our increasingly active little fellow. I've been sitting on this blog which has literally been finished for two weeks. The text was written, the pictures were uploaded and all I needed to do was move the text around and arrange the photos. But just that simple five minute task seemed to be impossible to get to. Well, this morning I sat down to finally do it. I had cut the text and was going to paste it at a different location in the post. But then I got distracted and cut something else, thus losing all of the texct I'd painstakingly written. There's nothing more disheartening. Especially since I've got limited time this morning.

So, I've decided to go ahead and post the pictures. I may or may not write more of an explanation of our adventures in Guam on Sabbath, March 21 later--the short story is that we got quite lost on a very muddy hike trying to find Tarzan Falls on Sabbath afternoon. For now, it would appear that not only did we get lost in Guam on Sabbath but the story of our getting lost is lost as well.

It's somehow appropriate, don't you think?

I still have a backlog of blogs for this blog and for Elijah's that I will try to get to this weekend, so keep checking back with me. We'll get there. . .eventually.

I know it looks like there isn't civilization for miles but most of the time we were lost we could see a condominium complex and a baseball field in the distance so we knew we weren't truly in the wilderness.

Nicole and I try to figure out where the heck we are.


It's rare to see a TV growing in the wild like this, but we were lucky enough to spot one!

The Road That Should Not Have Been Taken

"Jennifer" checks out her muddy feet.

French cleans off her feet in the stream at the top of Tarzan Falls. Hmmm, maybe that's why the pools at the bottom were so murky. . . :)

Me on the way down Tarzan Falls. After about an hour of wandering in the wilderness, we found our way back to the trailhead and found the correct trail. From there we did get to the falls. The pools were a bit murky for swimming but there were some nice little cascades that we could "shower" under. There are no pictures of the falls themselves because Jaimie, who had the only camera decided to stay at the top of the falls.

Muddy feet at the end of our adventure.

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Mai said...

I love the red dirt - that's awesome!