Mar 7, 2009

Managaha Memories: Sabbath

Sabbath morning on Managaha

The Cooking Crew work on breakfast Sabbath morning: This year, Malou was gone and I was on my own. Thankfully, I had a great team, including pre-school teacher Shirley Digma, above, and Carol (that's her arm in the foreground working the massive cauldrons of scrambled eggs).

I include this photo of nothing in particular mainly because of the backdrop. Can you believe the blue? Amazing.

Pastor Jerry Nickell breaks it down for the kids. His Sabbath morning talk was a powerfuly moving retelling of the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Fidel and his boys: On Sabbath morning a group of the church Pathfinders that don't attend our school joined us for the day, among them the sons of one of our long-time church members, Fidel Barro, pictured above.

Team-building Sabbath afternoon. In the afternoon Amy, Megan, Carol, Nicole, and Jaimie planned lots of cool team-building activities for the kids including the scavenger hunt pictured below.

Look at our aggressive teachers! Angie, above, and Nicole, below, push past the kids on their way to present Carol with their latest find. . .okay they didn't really push pass the kids--that much anyway--it just appears so in these photos. Lol!

Carol examines the finds from the scavenger hunt.

The end of another Sabbath

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