Feb 13, 2009

REAL on the Road

"J" leads in "The Machine", an attention-grabbing improv that we use to start off our Street Market shows. Thanks to former REAL director, Grant Graves for the idea!

REAL Christian Theater is on the road for it's ninth season. It's hard to believe we've been doing drama ministry for that long now! Our youngest members of the team were only one year old when we first started out.

The team is at full strength this year--twelve actors ranging from grades 5 to 12, four directors, a hard working sound/lights/props tech, and our manager Carol Paez. We've been touring on and off since November; our most recent shows have been performances at the Thursday night Garapan Street Market, pictured here, and an hour long show at the Friday night Youth on the Rock service at Grace Christian Church.

Currently we are working on our dinner show fundraiser, a play called Meet Me in St. Louis, which we expect to stage in April. My senior class when I was in high school produced this play and it was so much fun. It was cool to go over all those familiar lines that I learned when I was a student, only now, it's my students that are going to perform.

I know I've got a few REAL alumni who read this blog--former directors and actors--so Xian Xian, Mai, Bev, Vero, Grant, Aya, and all the rest. . .this one's for you!

Our Street Market shows are all about short, funny skits with lots of action, corny gags, and few lines, anchored by our "message" pantomime to music. Here we present a skit called "The Ticket Line."

That's me, the consumate front man.

Team members perform a skit called "The Mad Reporter."

Our version of "Everything", the pantomime set to a Lifehouse song by the same name. That's me and "Little Sister." You can find many versions of this popular Christian sketch on Youtube. This is one of the best, in my opinion. As soon as I can figure out how to convert my avi files to mpegs, our version will be on the web too. I believe former director, Mai Rhea Odiyar also performed this sketch with her Mission Life team this past fall.

"Little Sister" and "M" as the drama kicks in in "Everything."

Here's the whole skit.


Bev said...

I would give anything to see the kids perform "Everything". Maybe next time someone could record it for us!? Keep up the good work. I know God is working through REAL.

Vero in Saipan said...

Wow, always such a blessing to see my little ones in action! Keep up the good work! Missing you all!

Mai said...

I wish I could be there to watch them perform - it's so amazing to see my little students right there among all the older students! I wish I could come watch the full-length play.....I'm so close! but still so far :( At least let me know when it is.......who knows, anything is possible!

Adam said...

hello from guam mr. M! reading your posts makes me so nostalgic. looks like it was an awesome performance, and good luck with the dinner show! anyway, i think i may be able to help with your video format problem. try a website called mediaconverter.org
i think you could change the files to mpegs there

Riki said...

thanks for the video! i love that skit, they did an awesome job! miss you all!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That was so beautiful and powerful!! You had both Jim and I in tears. TWICE. Great great work. Thank you!

Jim and Dawn