Feb 10, 2008

Managaha 2008

Happy campers at the end of a joyful weekend on Managaha Island!

This past weekend, we took our students on our8th annual Outdoor School camping trip on Managaha Island. For the second year in a row, I had a blast! It looks like this could be the start of a trend for me. The years of crankiness and dark irritation during the Managaha weekend seem to be past and a new era of good feelings has arrived.

In upcoming entries I'll recap some of the key elements of this enjoyable weekend with the kids, friends and fellow staff members, the sun, the ocean, and the gentle Spirit of God.

1 comment:

Brit's Blog said...

Your blog brings such joy to me Sean! Thanks for posting the SDA schools exciting adventures :)

It brings back so many great memories of Managaha.

Ahh...hiding in the jungle for 3 hours (in the same spot) during our capture the flag game was intense..lol.

Miss you! Give Barbara a hug for me. She's AMAZING ;)