Feb 15, 2008

Managaha 08: Miscellany

Thursday night "skittles" game with Miss Judith . I love the deep blue of the sky that shows up in this picture.

2 dozen boxes of a dozen donuts. The thinking goes: "I'm in a big hurry and I've got to get something for the potluck on Managaha. Maybe I'll just buy a dozen donuts real quick." Apparently a lot of parents were thinking along this line. We had more donuts for potluck than I've ever seen in my life!

Shark Living. . .

. . .Shark Dead.

Babs took the top picture of a small black tip shark from the dock at Managaha. There were quite a few of these creatures swimming about near the dock. "The Vice President" found
the dead shark. presumably on the beach. It smelled pretty bad and looked rather macabre, but it was fascinating to see a shark that up-close.

Riki, one of our preschool teachers, tunes up for Friday night worship.

Mwuhahhahahahahahha! It wouldn't be a campout with at least one scary-flashlight-face photo!

My sensei, Malou Bautista (on right) strikes a pose with fellow food committee member Carol Paez. This was my second year on the food committee, but my first without my sensei, my master Managaha chef, Malou. Malou has been involved in the Managaha meals ever since we've had a Managaha campout. She is an expert at whipping up tasty meals for the masses and I have sat at her feet and learned much. Still, I didn't feel quite ready to be on my own this year--but I had no choice--Malou didn't arrive on Managaha until Sabbath morning after breakfast. So I jumped in gamely, basically running the meals from Thursday through Friday night mostly on my own. The whole time, as I organized the kitchen storage tent, as I prepared the corned beef hash and scrambled eggs, as I washed up the dishes--I kept wondering, what would Malou do? Would she approve of my culinary decisions? Would she look kindly on the way I ran my kitchen or would she disappointed? Was the apprentice worthy of his teacher? I deeply hoped so.

Sunday morning on Managaha. There is an exquisite exhaustion that comes with Sunday morning on Managaha. You've been camping for four days. You got about four hours of sleep last night. You've been with the students twenty four hours a day for the better part of a week. Mai, Jessica, and Judith capture that fatigue perfectly in this photo. The best part about that exhaustion is the deliriously delicious nap you take Sunday afternoon when you get home--after a nice long shower, snuggled under clean, dry sheets, with the air conditioner humming contendely away.


the Purpose said...

Thanks for the shark pics. It was great talking to the kids on the phone. Glad you guys had a great campout.

Brit's Blog said...

Aww..I love hearing about your outdoor school....

I totally miss those cheap doughnuts too....I don't know anywhere you can get doughnuts so cheap. lol...