Feb 13, 2008

Managaha 08: Outside the Classroom

The older kids listen to a presentation on protecting the environment presented by Reina Camacho from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The younger kids work on sand sculptures during one of the class rotations.

Our annual campout to Managaha is officially known as Outdoor School, and indeed Friday counts as a regular school day, and even though the classes are non-traditional and loads of fun, the kids still receive grades for their work and those few students that elect not to go on the campout are saddled with makeup assignments when we get back. But the learning doesn't stop at 3 o clock Friday. Throughout the weekend, the kids are learning whether it's cooking skills when they make their own dinner Friday night, teambuilding activities on Sabbath afternoon, and of course lots of learning about God throughout the weekend.

Herewith a pictorial of a weekend of outdoor education:

Two students, "The Vice President" and "Micronesian Queen" warm up with the guitar before our first evening worship, Thursday night, February 7.

Friday morning is the high point of outdoor school, when our entire school from pre-school through 10th grade is together on Managaha for a day of learning. In the picture above Barbara addresses the students and parents just after their arrival on the island.

Friday evening was our traditional "Make Your Own Meal" activity. The kids are divided into groups that plan the menu in advance, bring the food, prepare it and share it with the other groups. Here's two members of my team above roasting hot dogs on the grill.

One of the boys in my group stirs the chili on a camp stove. In addition to chili dogs, my team also made macaroni and cheese.

On Friday night for our worship activity our groups presented shadow charades. We chose the story of the golden calf, ably protrayed by "Ko", the boy on all fours in the picture above.

Miss Vero with some of our students during the Sabbath morning worship service.

Sabbath afternoon team building activities.

More team building activities.


Beverly said...

Great recap of Managaha Sean! Buidling those blocks to look like the pics were hard! Kudos to you and Barbara for all the time you guys put into that fun weekend.

Whimsy Peddler said...

I loved your shadow charade rendition of the golden calf. You were all quite the heathens, dancing behind that white veil. Anyway, nice summary Sean.