Feb 11, 2008

Managaha 08: Island Vistas

Saipan is a gorgeous paradise, but Managaha takes tropical beauty to a whole new level. Rather than try to describe it, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (And even they are a poor substitute for actually experiencing the beauty of this little island).

This is the ferry the Jambalaya, that brought us to Managaha. This photo was taken on the pier of Mangaha.

A shot of the tourist beach at Managaha from the dock.

A parasailing boat about to head out. Isn't that blue amazing?!?

No, that's not a swimming pool. These are the crystal waters that surround Managha.

Our camp was just around the corner from the beach pictured here. That's one of our students sitting next to our empty water jugs which would be picked up the by the ferry and taken back to Saipan for refilling.

"Tent City": The girls' side of our camping area.

Unfortunately, Managaha is rapidly eroding. We used to camp further up the beach from our current spot in the early years. Some of the teachers were able to pitch their tent on the right side of the fence picture above. Now they'd be camping on the water line instead of the bluff that used to be there. We used to hold our nightly staff meetings at a pavilion that used to be where the water is in the picture below. If you look carefully you can see some the wreckage left from that pavilion in the water.

Leaving Managaha. Until next year. . .!


lee said...

Two posts on Managaha and no mention of the awesomeness of capture the flag?

the Purpose said...

Great pics! I miss that island. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

yolland said...

Oh, wow. Look at the color of that water! I'm usually more into forests than I am into oceans or lakes, but there's something so hypnotically beautiful about that shade of blue. I wonder what creates that effect?

That's so cool that you take your students camping...my kids would love it if they had school camping trips.

Mai said...

Beautiful pictures, Sean! It was a great trip. Until next year.....I wish I knew what next year will bring, but who knows, maybe I'll still be around for round 3!

Sean said...

Lee: Have no fear, there are more Managaha entries to come and CTF will be given it's due!

Mai: Round 3 sounds good to me!