Jun 6, 2007

Graduation Day

Barbara and I pose with "Micronesian Queen" & "Holly", 2/3 of the class of 2007, after the graduation ceremony.

Thursday, May 31st was our 8th grade graduation at the SDA School. As graduations go, this one was very low-stress. I really didn't worry too much about it and it all came together very smoothly and simply. We started on time and ended inside of an hour. It was fun, touching, sharp. Maybe that was because this is the sixth graduation I've been class sponsor for since I began my teaching career as a student missionary in Chuuk. Maybe it was because there were only three graduates. But most likely it was because "Holly's" mom and her team of relatives did a gorgeous job of doing virtually all the decorating for the graduation. The class's theme was "Stars" and they stayed up all night the night before graduation to make dozens of foil stars, hand-lettered sign, and many other beautiful touches. The graduation would not have been anywhere near as lovely (or stress-free) for me without them and I am deeply grateful.

The Three Graduates

Excited graduates, "Micronesian Queen" and "KoreaY" before the processional.

Our commencement address speaker, Grant Graves and 7th grader (now 8th grader) "Harry." His message: "Never Give Up" as illustrated in the life of Winston Churchill. Check out Grant's blog for the full text of his speech. In keeping with Grant's core value of efficiency and brevity, it is short but powerful.

"M" plays "Pomp & Circumstance" during the processional.*

*"M" doesn't actually play the piano. We just had a midi file on a floppy disc in the keyboard, so it played automatically. "M's" responsibility was to press play, but he's a consumate actor and I'm guessing most of the people at the graduation thought he was actually playing.

Britni with her graduates. Their graduation was on Tuesday, May 30. Britni did a fantastic job!

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