Jun 9, 2007


When I think of Britni, one word comes to mind:


She gave all of it to Jesus, to her kids, to her mission, to her friends. She wore it on her sleeve. And it pretty darn near broke when the time came to leave Saipan.

Everything Britni did, whether it was teaching or singing or driving or just walking in the door, she did with her whole heart. Britni is simply one of the best teachers I've ever seen. She doesn't seem to think so--she always seems to be critiquing her teaching, noting the flaws, looking for ways to do it better. And that's one of two reasons why she is such a great teacher. The other reason is that she has heart. Britni is tough, passionate, demanding. . .not characteristics one often finds in a kindergarten teacher, but the payoff was amazing. Her kids learned to read this year, they put on an amazing gradution program but most importantly those kids knew she loved them with her whole heart, that she would fight for them, protect them, care for them. And their parents knew too and were deeply appreciative of all that Britni did for their children this year.

Britni was also a great help to REAL Christian Theater as our manager of sound, lighting, props, and set design. She taught herself how to run our new sound system, kept us organized all season long, and lovingly stored all our gear in her kindergarten room. When ever a new challenge arose in REAL, she always sounded a little ambivalent, but the thing about Britni is that she'd get it done. If it was something new, something hard, something seemingly impossible, she'd dig in and make sure it got done. I came to depend on her greatly. A lot of the time she was well outside her comfort zone and her decision to dig in and get it done took heart too.

Britni too took the time to let Barbara and I know we were appreciated. Sometimes it can be a little lonely being the "bosses" so to speak. I mean, who wants to hang out with their boss and her husband in their free time right? But Britni treated us as friends and always seemed eager to include us in whatever was going on. Britni has a big heart and her appreciative attitude meant a lot to us.

It isn't it interesting what we associate with a name? For many people the name Britney conjures up images of pouty-lipped, platinum-blond pop singer who lately seems to be going to all kinds of extremes to stay in the waning limelight. Until this year, that's what would have come to mind for me too. But now when I hear the name Britni, I think of a someone with honey-colored hair snd sparkling eyes who has gone to all kinds of extremes in loving service, and who's light is growing brighter, shining from a heart of love.

The first farewell. Britni is the first to leave early Sunday morning, June 3, 2007

Britni and Missy

Britni and Grant

Heartfelt Hugs. I felt rather paparazzi-like, dispassionately snapping away during these tearful moments, but it was a great way to keep from bursting into tears myself.

Britni takes "The Long Walk" "The Long Walk" is my term for the walk from the airline agent to the immigration and security checkpoints at the Saipan International Airport. Everyday travelers and those leaving on vacation do not take "The Long Walk." "The Long Walk" is for those who are leaving the island for good, or at least for a long time. It is the final good bye to Saipan. This is Britni's long walk.


Mr. Graves said...

She's a great kid. You did a good job capturing her magic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean...

You don't have to say all those nice things. You're a superstar!!

Thanks for everything this year. The feeling is mutual. I love you and Barbara very much.

Hey, and you and Grant have inspired me to start a blog.
it's BDGsblog.blogspot.com

Check it out sometime. I will post things about my life periodically.

love you!