Apr 14, 2006

Welcome to the Journal Online

The Journal, my daily record of my life, which has filled close to 40 books over the past 20 years has finally moved into the digital age, with this, the online edition of the Journal.

The paper and pen volume will continue (as I still have a lot to write about for my eyes only) but this online edition will serve as a place to share my experiences, thoughts, and observations with others. Primarily this blog has been created for the benefit of friends and family members who are interested in knowing about our lives out here on the tropical island of Saipan.

I'm not sure how often I'll update the blog. Right now we still use dial-up at home which makes it very difficult to upload pictures so I'll have to do that at school. Right now I'm estimating about once a week (maybe more early on).

I'm hoping to add additional blogs on various topics such as faith, politics, etc. Those who know me well know that I always enjoy a good thought provoking debate. I'll also add links to Interference, the U2 fan website where I often post and my myspace page (which I almost never visit. . .but maybe I will more. . .or maybe not).

It's Sabbth morning here in Saipan, and we are about to leave for Sabbath School. The church is on a new mission to guilt everyone into coming into SS so I guess we have to go.

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Ken & Crystal said...

Nice entries about your Korean 8th grade class trip! That's weird about the OCD Vice President~~~! Thanks for the introduction to Korea.

~Crystal Pierson