Apr 14, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006The day at a glance:Midnight: Arrive at Saipan International Airport. Chaos ensues as one student realizes she left her passport at home, and another is told she can’t go on the trip at the check in counter.

2:40 A.M.—Flight departs for Seoul, South Korea. We cheer ourselves up by deciding to have a SECOND class trip, this time to Japan, after graduation. The Treasurer will not pay for a cent. I spend the flight watching Lord of War bleary-eyed and sleeping fitfully.

6:03 A.M.—Arrive in Incheon. The temperature is 33 degrees and we are FREEZING! We proceed through immigration, customs, find the bus ticket counter and purchase bus tickets from Incheon to Seoul. About 2 hours of bus-riding ensues. My students are bored out of their minds. They’ve never ridden in a vehicle for that long (In Saipan you’d have to drive up and down the island at least three times to match this journey’s length).

9:40ish—Arrive at AMSC (Adventist Military Support Center) where we are staying.

10:30—We go to Tesco where we eat brunch and then go shopping for food.

12:30—Doze in van, while our driver, Pastor Chris Fritz stops at Costco and is gone for what seem like hours.

2:00 P.M.—Strike out on foot into the heart of Seoul looking for a place to exchange money and a place to buy a phone card. I find both with ease and find myself proud of my efficiency.

3:00 P.M.—Former principal of our school in Saipan—Bab’s predecessor, now living with his wife (who is Korean) and their two sons in Seoul shows up and we while away hours “catching up.”5:30—Supper with the kids.

6:30—We decide to skip vespers at the local SDA church and instead have a small worship together.

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