May 1, 2010

For the Ones Who Came Before


Not a single member of the Monster Hunters! Can you believe it? So this is one of your seventh graders from last year and some of the 9th graders you taught for science.



(I was told these were your kids. . .I hope that is correct. Also, I had to take the pictures seperately because they were already seated that way and it would have been a big production to move them. Hope you don't mind).

These are the students left from your classes from both years you were in Saipan.


Jessica (and Nicole again)


He's the only one left :(


"J" is actually the only one of your original students left at SDA. "Little Sister is in the States, as you know, and the boys are 10th graders at Southern High School.



pretzels...yum! said...

Aw, I miss Saipan, everyday.

Nicole said...

Thanks Sean. It's really nice to see them all.

Jai said...

Yep, Sean, you got it right. Thank you for that. I wish I could go back right now. It would definitely be preferable to the paper I'm supposed to be writing right now!!!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Thank you! I was just commenting to Jaimie on how much i miss Saipan! They are growing so much!!! I wish I could be back!!!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I love my kids and miss them sooooooo much!!! I was just talking to Jaimie about how much we miss Saipan. Anyways thank you so much! It was so great to see a picture of all of them again. They have grown up so much :)

Mai said...

Oh my babies!!! They're getting so big!! You know..... they're in 6th & 7th grade now.... which is what I'm teaching here! Isn't that kinda ironic? I wonder what it would be like to teach them now that they're older. I guess I'll never know..... :( but I look forward to seeing them hopefully at Christmas! Thanks for posting the pics!

Vero in Saipan said...

Thank you Sean! It means the world to me! I can't believe how big he is! I'm dying to go back and keep making plans. Hopefully, one of those plans will come through! I have a Saipan-shaped hole inside of me. Thanks again! :-)