May 1, 2010

Back Home: In The Sun and the Sand

The visit to Saipan was mostly about the people. And my main purpose in being in Saipan was to serve the school as the week of prayer speaker.

But, you can't be in one of the great tropical paradises on this planet and not go to the beach.

After all, the only beach in Ohio is The Beach, the water park hard by
I-71 between Dayton and Cincinnati and that just ain't the same.

I mean seriously? That?

Or This:

No comparison!

So, I made it a goal to go to the beach every day that we were in Saipan. I almost reached that goal, missing only the two Sabbaths and Tuesday. But the best day was Friday when we took the ferry out to Saipan's pearl, Managaha Island for a few short hours of blissful relaxation in the sun, on the sand, and in the perfectly clear water with a bunch of our kids--the one biological child, as well as a half dozen others that seem like our own. After all we've known most of them their whole lives.

The Feller and "J" arrive on Managaha Island, Friday afternoon, April 9, 2010.

We had pizza from Bobby Cadillacs before hitting the water.

"Ji", "Little Sister", and "J": Looks like they're in a swimming pool doesn't it? That's how clear the water is!

It was an almost perfect afternoon--I only wish we'd had more time, and that we'd done this more often when we lived in Saipan.

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Mai said...

Agreed. We should've done more of it. I miss that so, so much.