Oct 10, 2008

More of the Moms' Visit

Our Moms' Last Sabbath in Saipan, October 4, 2008.

We had a wonderful time with our mothers in Saipan and we were sad to see them go when they flew back home this past Wednesday. Thanks moms for all the delicious meals, all the help with Elijah, the new toilet, vaccuum, and shoes, the cleaned windows and shower, the organized and fully stocked kitchen cupboards, but most of all thank you for the pleasure of your company. We love you!

At Mt. Tapochau at sunset, October 4, 2008

On the ferry to Managaha Island on a perfect Saipan day. Sunday, October 5.

Mom Leen, Elijah, and Babs chillin' on the ferry.

Mom's an island girl at heart. She fit right in here in Saipan.

Mom Leen and Elijah at the beach on Managaha

My mom absolutely loved snorkeling in the waters off Managaha. Once I gave her the mask and snorkels she came in from her exploration of the waters only once during our time on the island--to get the booties and fins so she could snorkel more with greater ease. She's the snorkeler further back in this photo. I was so happy I could provide my mom with some special Saipan experiences like snorkeling at Managaha, as well as a morning at P.I.C. and a field trip with my students to see the ancient Chamorro sites on Saipan and learn about Chamorro history and culture.

Another shot of Mom Leen and Elijah

The grandmothers bid farewell to their grandson at the airport. Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love you and miss you, Mom. Come and visit again soon! Love, your son, Sean.

Mom Leen and Babs. Thanks for making the big trip, Mom. Hope they'll be more to come in the future. Lots of love, your son-in-law, Sean.

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Gloria Pierson said...

so wonderful your moms could experience Island life and especially see Elijah and help with the "new life"!!! It does take some adjusting!!! You guys will do just fine! Glad to see all is going well.