Oct 17, 2008

Familiar Faces

This entry is for the Hall-of-Famers, the Rock Stars and Runners, the Dream Team alumni who came, saw, conquered and fell in love. To all of my much-loved friends and compatriots, this one is for you. They say you never forget your first class, and I'm sure you haven't forgotten these familiar faces. They're growing up but in many ways they are still the kids you remember.

For Mr. Graves
Happy birthday old friend. With each year your class grows larger and the reach of your influence extends still further. Keep shining your light.

The "O.G.'s"--the Original Graves students.

The Graves class today with new additons.

Boys 2 Men: "T" is no longer at our school, unfortunately, but he still comes around every now and then to say hi and get some SDA love. This photo was taken on Thursday, October 16 during a volleyball game vs. SIS. (The high school team made up almost entirely of your kids went on to win their game. I wish I had pictures of the game but I went home to pick up Elijah from Babs between games and when we came back, I realized I'd left my camera at home).

"J" She's still a star. She was elected Student Association President just a little more than a week ago. All of your other seventh graders are also SA officers and together they planned this week's School Spirit Week.

"Y" and "Micronesian Queen"

"J" and "Y" ready for business. This was on "Opposite Career" day. "J" does not want to be a lawyer and "Y" does not want to be a gym teacher.

"M" clowning as usual. He does not want to be a referee.

"J" takes charge during Olympic Game Day

Grades 9-10 "stand up and fight anyhow" during Joint Worship. (Note the snappy new lockers in the background).

For Ms. Odiyar

The Odiyar Originals: Your original 3/4 class from the first year.

Your original girls.

Your Original Boys

This guy goes by the name "Optimus Prime." He joined the volleyball team this year (though usually he's running around in the bleachers playing "battle"instead of playing on the court) and that's the name on his jersey.

You might remember the girl on the far left. She used to come to pick up the Tanakas some times and now she and her brother are students at our school. These three are thick as thieves this year.

Last years third graders now in fourth.

This year's 3/4 Class.

When I was in the 3/4 classroom taking photos this young man said, "Ms. Odiyar knows me too! Can you take my picture?" And so I did.

I guess this is what you'd call the two extremes of your class.

Your newest student from last year, still as sweet as ever.

I thought she did a fantastic job with her Face Decorating here.

All flowers and hearts

Guess who the Spidey on the left is?

For Miss Judith

Your kids. Two of them skipped from 6th to 8th grade!

Your girls. Do they look older to you? To me they look exactly the same, but then I see them everyday.

"Triplets." The girl on the far left is a cousin of the Taylor girls (you remember the ones that always walked home with the maid?) She's already finding her niche in our little school family.

Same three girls on Face Decoration Day.

For Ms. Lee

"The Koreans" (plus the other two).

I know you remember this guy fondly. He's doing better, and he's in REAL this year.

Your girls.

The boys in black. Recognize them?

For Miss Vero

The three who came back.

He's just thrown the little kids version of the shotput (a rubber ball)

Here's one of your kiddos rockin' the limbo contest.

For Miss Britni

Brit, you really did leave something of yourself in these kids. Babs and I were looking at this picture last night and we both felt like we could see something distincly "Brit"-like in the attitudes of these kids.

You remember this "good fella".

She was really good at the limbo contest. I think she won for her age group.

And One for Riki
Even though I didn't see most of your kids last year, I thought you might recognize these three (or at least two of them anyway?)


Whimsy Peddler said...

Oh Sean! I miss those kids so much! Please give them all a huge hug from me. I think about them everyday. If only they could understand how much they impact us, as teachers, as people. Just look how much trouble we have adjusting back to the "real world." I'm here having an identity crisis (well, not really, but...it's been tough) because "Miss Judith" is no longer who I am, but she's who I wish I was.

Thanks for keeping us all in mind. Miss you pal!

Vero in Saipan said...

Thank you Sean! Oh my kids...they look so much older and yet still the little ones. I couldn't agree more with Judith! The teacher in us is who we will always be. Big hugs for them all from Miss V! =)

Mai said...

You just totally made my day! I feel like every one of those kids are mine, even the older and younger ones. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat to see them again :( I miss those kids so much! I'm glad you added that special picture of the 3rd grader who said I know him - he's so precious!!! Thank you so, SO much for posting all those pictures!

Brit's Blog said...

Teeheeeheheee...If you can just imagine me laughing at those goofy kids. There's a special place in my heart for each one of them.

Sean, thank you for posting for us. This is our little window into Saipan and "our kids" lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It means the world to me!