Oct 17, 2008

Baby Shower for Elijah and Paulo III

The Maycock and Restauro families. Saturday night, October 11, 2008

New friends! Elijah and Paulo meet each other. They're a little apprehensive now, but they'll grow on each other.

This past Saturday night, October 11 our church family threw a baby shower for Elijah and for Paulo Restauro III, the son of one of our church elders, Paulo Restauro and his wife Sheri.

It was a fun evening and we truly appreciate all the efforts the church members made on our behalf. Everyone pitched in to purchase a bouncy-seat for Elijah and a stroller for little Paulo. There was food to eat, games to play, and fellowship to share. Special thanks to Carol, Andrea, and Crystal who coordinated the event.

Babs, Elijah, and Virle

Father and son. Don't they look so much alike?

What's a baby shower without games? In this one the men had to drink an entire baby bottle of water as fast as they can. Unfortunately, I got one of those "slow flow" natural-type bottles. It took me so long to finish my bottle that eventually I resorted to. . .

. . .cheating. I took off the napple and gulped it. After that, our partners fed us baby food. My partner was "Little Sister" as Barbara was off feeding Elijah.

Now I know why you have to "airplane" and other things to coax babies to eat. That baby food is nasty! "Little Sister" and I had sweet potato and it was tough to get down.

I love being a dad!

Our wonderful church family

Elijah plays the keys with a keyboard from the Takayama girls

Opening gifts

The Restauros


Vero in Saipan said...

I'm so happy for both families. Its so nice to see baby's in the atmosphere! Congrats to Paulo and Sherri! Elijah is growing so big and just adorable! G-d bless you all! Lots of love from the states!

Mai said...

Adorable! I love little Paulo III - and he does look a LOT like his dad! There's nothing like Saipan baby showers - I wish I could've been there!

G-rant said...

Great pics!! It was great seeing my boys and girls. Thanks for sharing. I loved the skit pics. You been working out? Praying for ya.