May 28, 2008

Breakfast at the Beach

The view from here. . .

Me n' Babs

A few months ago Babs and I decided to start having a weekly date. It's something that we've talked about doing for years, and this year, with little Elijah soon to arrive and alter our lives forever, we decided it might be a good idea to set a precedent of a date night before he's born so we'll already be in the habit by the time he arrives. So Sunday evening has become "date night." If we've got a lot of money, we might go out for dinner, if we've got a little we might go out for coffee (technically coffee for me and ice water for Babs as she's on strict no-caffeine, no-sugar pregnancy diet), if we've got no money, we might just stay in and curl up with a good movie from Netflix. We've done everything from window shop to going for a nice walk together. Well, on some Sundays the evenings are taken up so we move the date to another part of the day. Such was the case last Sunday. With our book club scheduled for Sunday evening, we decided to have our date in the morning. We decided to have breakfast on the beach.

We stocked up the picnic basket and headed down to one of Saipan's most beautiful beaches, located about five minutes from our house behind the Aquarius Beach Tower hotel. We enjoyed a quiet couple hours at the beach, enjoying a tasty picnic breakfast and then taking a relaxing dip in the brilliant blue sea. It was a perfect way to start the week!

Breakfast was cereal with peaches and milk (for me), oatmeal (for Babs), buttered toast and jam, vegetarian breakfast patties, orange juice, and some leftover lumpia from Sabbath potluck.

The water is so beautiful here; there's very little seaweed at this beach so the white sand stretches from the beach and out into the water. The funny thing about this beach though is that it's most beautiful when you're looking out towards the ocean. Turn around and you see this:

That's the back of Blockbuster Video on the left; the Aquarius Beach Tower is off-camera a couple hundred yards to the right.


Marianas Eye said...

Bravo on the date night. When's the due date?

Sean said...

^September 20 (on or about).

Saw you and Mara at the Glushko show Saturday night though I didn't get a chance to say hi. (I snuck out early as I had another appointment.)