May 18, 2008


Ah, Bev. . .we miss you already!

It's official. Bubbles is no longer in paradise. And paradise won't be quite the same without her. Yesterday, Bev, who worked at the SDA Clinic as dental hygienist for almost two years took the Long Walk and flew away for good, back to the Mainland.

Right now, though, it almost feels as if she's still here. I can't really believe that she's gone for good--that she hasn't just gone away for one of her cool dive trips or for a few days with friends in Guam. My heart wants to believe I'll still see her in church on Sabbath, hear her trademark laugh at REAL rehearsal, or trade ideas at Bible study on Friday night.

A lot of people come and go on Saipan and each makes his or her unique mark, but Bev seemed to make an extra big splash. Just about everyone on Saipan, it sometimes seemed, knew Bev and counted her a friend. What is it about Bev that enables her to win the hearts of practically everyone she meets? Perhaps it's her bright smile, or her friendly nature--her generally cheery personality that made her nickname "Bubbles" seem more than just a scuba diving reference. But there's more to Bev than the bubbles; the one word I keep coming back to is open-hearted. Bev had an open heart. In her friendships, as in her blog, Bev has a certain openness and humility about her. I think that open-heartedness really drew us all to her. At first glance, you'll see the bubbles of Bev's personality, but follow those bubbles to their source and you'll find a heart that beats strong and soulful, a person inhaling all she can from life and exhaling joy and struggle, smiles and tears, hurt and healing, faith and doubt, strength and vulnerability.

"California here she comes, right back where she started from. . ." California, I hope you know how lucky you are to get her.

Love you, Bev!

Bev and me in Palau last weekend, kidding around after our last performance of A Song from the Heart. Bev played the rich mother of Lina, the spoiled villain of the story. Our characters had a really fun arguing scene during the play (which we are jokingly reinacting here). My favorite line of hers: "You must be insane!"

Bev crushed by adoring fans. This photo was taken at the end of our last Bible study Friday night, May 16, 2008.

Friends and fellow REAL teammates: "Little Sister" and Bev.

On Saturday night, May 17, friends Mark and Tammy had a going away party for Bev at their lovely home. That's when this photo was taken.

At the airport, Sunday morning, May 18--the goodbyes begin. Everyone wanted a picture with Bev. A few of those "Last Pictures" above (Vero and Bev) and below.

Bev & Jess

Bev and the Paez's

Our turn! Babs and I with Bev. Thanks for the friendship and lots of fun memories, Bev! Let's keep in touch!

Bev's Long Walk (note the Walk has gotten shorter, as they've moved the immigration booths closer since last year).


Mai said...

So sad :( I miss her already!

Beverly Mae said...

Sean I am so thankful for our friendship! What an amazing time I had in Saipan. Thank you for always being encouraging. I just really admire the work that you and Barbara put into the sda school and kids! We are all so lucky to have you in our lives! I'll be in touch!

The Beachcomber said...

I mis those squinty mad eyes...