Aug 6, 2007

Old Friends in Ohio

Barbara's childhood home in Cincinnati,Ohio
This quaint little Tudor-style home in a tony Hyde Park neighborhood is where Babs spent the first years of her life. Just about every time we go to Ohio, we drive by this little place. (I wasn't here for this photo though. Babs snapped this pic while she and her dad were in town to visit the Cincinnati Art Museum--another summer tradition for the two of them.)

Breakfast on the Patio: Babs and her parents

One of my favorite things during our summer in Ohio is our meals on the patio. The temperatures are usually mild, the food is delicious, and the view of the Leen's great green backyard are all wonderful, but the best part is just being together as a family.

Our last week and a half in Ohio went by far too quickly, but we managed to make the most of it, spending precious time with Barbara's parents and meeting up with some old friends of the Leen family.

"Sweet Survivor" and Babs

Our last weekend Ohio, two of Dad Leen's old friends from Cincinnati First Church, Marvin and Delmar, came up to Dayton to visit. They brought with them Marvin's grandaughter who I will call "Sweet Survivor." "Sweet" because she was a charming, remarkably mature, and good-natured young lady, and "Survivor" because she's a cancer survivor. Our students at the Saipan SDA School were among many kids all over the world who wrote to her while she was battling her illness last year. Well, I'm happy to report she's doing much better these days! I wish I'd had a picture of her and me, because the two of us had a great time making blueberry pie together. She's quite a chef!

Babs & Tracy

That same Sabbath, we were joined for lunch by one of Barbara's childhood friends, Tracy and her family.

Babs with Tracy, Tracy's husband Kevin and their two boys

Dad Leen, "Sweet Survivor", Marvin, and Delmar

We also reconnected with Barbara's best friend from elementary school Robyn Bernard. We met Robyn and her husband for dinner on Monday evening, July 23. The last time we saw them was right before we moved to Saipan so it was nice to get together again. If Robyn looks a little familiar to you it could be because she's developed a new career as a model and actress and has appeared in several commercials and network TV shows including Desperate Housewives!

Robyn & Babs


Joe is an old friend of the Leen family. He worked for Dad Leen many years ago in Dad's art supply store. He's staying with the Leen's for a little while so I had a chance to get to know this fascinating and friendly guy. He and I bonded while helping set up for Jenny's wedding reception the first weekend I was in Ohio. From then on we shared a kind of camraderie through the rest of the summer, talking theology and watching Jeopoardy together. Joe's a hard worker, a fervent Seventh-day Adventist Christian, and a generous soul. I'm glad I got to know him.

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