Aug 24, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

My Homeroom Class: Grades 8-10

School has begun, and I'm back in the saddle again. This is probably the best start I've had to a year so far. I'm staying on top of my work, managing to stay relatively balanced in terms of work, leisure, spiritual life, marriage etc, and I love my students! In my homeroom I have six freshmen and sophomores and seven eighth graders. In my 5/6 History and Language Arts classes I have a total of 16 students--a much larger class than anticipated. I'm especially enjoying teaching my 7/8 American History class. They are--and always have been--such enthusaistic learners. I've never enjoyed lecturing as much as I do with them. They never seem bored and I try not to be boring. Just this past week we had a long discussion on the Salem witch trials and a laugh-filled lecture on the finer points of "no taxation without representation." It's actually fun!

My classroom, the day before school started. August 12, 2007

The Clipboard of Power: My students often say that my clipboard is my "life" and it pretty much is. I have it with me at all times and virtually everything I need to know and need to do can be found on it's pages. It's a pretty simple set-up: a pad of paper that is replaced each quarter, and a pen clipped to the top.

Some of my 8-10 girls

"M." I've known this guy and his twin brother since they were in kindergarten. What a privilege to be his teacher in his 8th grade year. An amazing young man.

Babs in full-principal mode. This video is especially for Barbara's family, who I think, will enjoy a little snippet of their daughter laying down the law as principal of her school on the first day of classes.


Mr. Graves said...

They are great kids. And you're a great teacher. Enjoy your year.

Rosana Amanda said...

Have A Great Year!

mursic said...

sean, my name is anita mursic (sedgwick). i'm looking for your awesome wife. we were friends at andrews. could you forward me her email address or have her email me. i tried the but that's dead. here's my email address:

thanks in advance.
p.s. it would be so great to catch up with her again.