Jul 13, 2007

My Last 8 AND My 100th Post

For my 100th post, I am responding to Bev's tag on my last 8. I can't believe I've already got 100 entries here. It doesn't seem like that many.

1. Last Music Concert I went to: Singapore Symphony Orchestra in Singapore in March. It was an outdoor concert and featured a brilliant teenaged prodigy violinist. Before that, it was U2 in Japan last November.

2. Last Purchase: A "slim jim" stick of beef and one of beef with a stick of cheese, at this little gas mart on the drive to Minneapolis yesterday.

3. Last time I got pulled over: I think the last time was when I had a student in the "trunk" of the CRV and a police officer noticed. I didn't get a ticket though, I don't think. That was probably four years ago.

4. Last TV show watched: In it's entirety, "Big Brother 8 (USA)" on Tuesday.

5. Last drink: a glass of apple juice

6. Last song played on my ipod: "If You Were Mine" by Fernando Ortega

7. Last time I cried: Well, I cried in a dream last night when I dreamed that my sister's dog, a long-haired daschund, shot my dog with two plastic guns. I realize of course that is hilarious now that I'm awake. Before that? Probably while watching Monsoon Wedding about two weeks ago.

8. Last phone call received: From Babs Wednseday night when she was out doing last minute shopping before our road trip up here to Minneapolis and she was instructing me to do her laundry and look up mapquest directions.


Bev said...

#7 ? I am going to have to try and interpret your dream by looking up what plastic guns means! lol Hurry up and come back. We miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! BAMBS!! Shame on youuuuuu Bambuuuuu. Don't shoot cousin Keeems. lol.