Jul 1, 2007

Florida Photo Album

Family Portrait 2007

Electrical Storm. (My sister took this photo from the balcony of her condo).

Family & Friends with Orlando cityscape

Orlando Sunset.
My time in Florida has come to an end. Tomorrow I fly up to Ohio to spend a few weeks with my in-laws. I won't see my own family for a whole year. The time has gone by far too quickly and right now a year seems an awfully long time. But I have some wonderful memories:

Aunt Coleen & Uncle Roland.
My second weekend in Florida, June 23, we went to Uncle Roland (my mom's brother) and Aunt Coleen's house for Sabbath lunch. Below is a video of my Aunt Coleen's famous crockpot macroni and cheese--an iconic favorite dish of my childhood. Nobody makes mac and cheese like Aunt Coleen.

Yvette, Dawn, and Babs at Uncle Roland/Aunt Coleen's, Sabbath, June 23, 2007

Dawn reads Project Sunlight to us. Dawn's boyfriend Jim is on the left. After leaving Uncle Roland/Aunt Coleen's we came back to Dawn's and relaxed while she read to us. (Sabbath, June 23, 2007)

Sunday brunch with Vince, Babs, Dawn, & Mom (Sunday, June 24, 2007) at Dawn's condo.

Babs, Me, and Greg's arm. We went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory one evening with Dawn's boyfriend Jim's parents. (Monday, June 25, 2007).

Dawn, Jim, and Jim's parents.

Jim getting ready to surf and. . .

Jim surfing.
On Wednesday, June 27, we went down to the Florida Mall to see Jim try out the flowrider. He did quite well--better than he thinks he did. After Jim surfed we all trouped over to Teavana (kind of like a Starbucks for Tea) to see my cousin Yvette. She works there a few nights a week in addition to her day job as a counselor.

Cranes at work. . . .
There's major construction work being done across from Dawn's condo. Sometimes, I'd take a few minutes to watch the cranes doing their delicate dance.

Uncle Robert and Me.
On my third weekend in Florida, June 30, we went to Uncle Robert and Aunt Diana's house for lunch. We were thrilled to have Monica, one of our former teachers at our school in Saipan drive up from Miami with a friend to visit us for the day as well. It was so nice to see her again and we were touched that she drove all the way up to Orlando just to see us!

In this video, my family, Monica and her boyfriend, and me are playing this impromptu game with my newest cousin Taylor's ball. Proud parents Uncle Robert and Aunt Diana may have been putting him down for a nap and thus missed out on the fun.
After lunch at Uncle Robert's, we returned to Dawn's condo where we showed Monica and my family videos from Saipan. Here's a video of a panaromic view from the back balcony outside Dawn's condo. And also Monica!

After watching videos for an hour or so, it was time for some physical activity. We decided to walk around Lake Eola, which is located just outside Dawn's building. It was really fun, just walking and being together.

Our walk begins as we enter Lake Eola park.

I was able to actually hold this bird in my hand. That's how tame it was! (though I concede it probably helped that the bird was made of concrete).

Jim and Dawn at Lake Eola, Sabbath, June 30, 2007

Dawn & Babs

On the walk.

A lot of people were out walking their dogs, including the owner of this gorgeous Great Dane! Check out the charming encounter below between Bambu (Dawn's long-haired daschund) and this horse-sized dog:

Video of the walk around Lake Eola and a message from Monica to friends in Saipan.

Me and my brother Vince

I found this sign interesting. Sadly there are a LOT of homeless people in Orlando, especially downtown. This sign is a not-so-subtle message to them.

I love how the lights reflect off the buildings here.

As we neared the end of our circumnaviagation of Lake Eola and the Sabbath drew to a close, we stopped here along the lake to have sundown worship.

Sunset at Lake Eola

Saturday night, June 30, 2007 we ordered pizza and had a late night pizza party out by the pool in Dawn's condo. Jim and Dawn pictured here.

Saturday night, June 30. Here's Mom, Vince, Dawn, Jim, and Babs chillin' in the hot tub at Dawn's condo.
Warm memories with the people you love the most. Summer doesn't get any better than that.

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Bev said...

Orlando is beautiful! If you can, bring back some tea from Teavana! Sounds delish.

You're such a pro blogger now Sean! You make me proud! lol Enjoy the rest of your vacation=)

Mr. Graves said...

looks like you had fun. i'm glad you enjoyed your time with the FL family.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww SUCH a great time!!