Jul 11, 2007

Jenny's Reception

The Happy Couple: Matt & Jennifer (Leen) Berglund

My sister in-law, Jennifer, married her boyfriend Matt Berglund on June 18, 2007 in Mexico. As often happens when the kids opt for the simple-just-the-two-of-us private ceremony, the family must have something. So we had a reception for Jenny and Matt this past Sunday, July 8. Jenny and Matt drove down on Sabbath from Minneapolis for the shin-dig on and on Sunday Jenny got into her wedding gown, Matt put on his suit and we celebrated!

Babs and Mom Leen (with the help of friends and church members at Centerville SDA Church) worked really hard to make the reception beautiful and elegant, and I think they did a great job. There were beautiful hydrangeas, gorgeous music from husband and wife piano/violin team Dave and Marlene Colburn, delicious food--ooh, the meatballs were the best--and even a chocolate fountain for dipping skewers of fruit.

I'm really glad to have Matt as part of the family now. Jenny is my favorite sister in-law (yes, she's also my only sister in-law but I know she'd be my favorite even if she had competition) and I'm so happy for her that she's found a great guy to share her life with. And of course it's great for me, that I now have a fellow brother-in-law in Matt, someone who shares the experience of being grafted into the Leen clan. I look forward to getting to know Matt better in the coming years.

Somehow when the six of us are together (actually, seven. I can't forget Jenny's "baby" Shiloh, the cocker spaniel.), it just feels like the family is complete.

The lucky guys (Me and Matt on the left) and the Leen Ladies we managed to latch on to.

The two sisters: Jenny & Babs

Matt and Jenny make the rounds during the reception, mingling with the guests. Friends Emily Cowl and Barbara Pervis and their crew did a fantastic job of decorating the Centerville SDA Church fellowship hall.

The Leen Ladies: Babs, Jenny, and their mom, Carol

The Saturday night before the wedding reception, Jenny unleashes her fearsome skill at Connect 4. She trounced her hapless husband something like 10 times--often playing with the black pieces, of which there were fewer than the red thus requiring her to win before she ran out of pieces. As Matt willed himself to win, they eventually resorted to playing with pens once the pieces ran out before Matt was finally able to beat her. She handily dispatched Babs--who is no slouch at Connect 4 herself--as well. I decided not to even get in the ring. Jenny mused in wonder at her own awesomeness: "Why is that no one can beat me?"

We'll be heading up to Minneapolis this weekend to spend some more time with Jenny and Matt in their new home! A blog, of course, will be forthcoming when we return.


Bev said...

Two of my favorite things in the world: Hydrangeas and a chocolate fountain to dip strawberries and other tid bits to enjoy=)

Mr. Graves said...

man, everyone's getting married. run away! run away!