May 11, 2007

Lost II: The Return to the Jungle: The Movie!

Here's Grant and I's most recent journey chronicled the youtube way. If you liked the blog entry, you'll love the movie...

Grant and I return to the Saipan jungle where we got lost last fall, once again searching for the mythic Lost Road

Within minutes of entering the jungle we find ourselves lost again encountering thick jungle and sheer rock faces.

Eventually we find our way to our old trail and come to the point where we thought the trail ended, an old tree we named "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"

After following the Maycock Trail we find a "new" beach.

Grant and I make our way down to the newly "discovered" beach. I christen it "Barbara Beach"

As we prepare to leave Barbara Beach we discover what may be a clue to the Lost Road.

After many brave adventures, a bit of foolishness.

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aya said...

the last vid is funny. so many moments like that with my cam too!

searching for adventures is always fun in saipan. holly, seung, and i made it a tradition to go "beach hopping" in the summer. we began in 2005, did it in 2006, not sure about 2007 :( but we'd explore the north side and we tried to follow "happy trails" (haha yes). last year we hiked down the bird island sanctuary and enjoyed the beach there. very fun and pretty! so i think what u guys are doing is super cooool! and oh, nice hair! where is ur guam trip blog!!