May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi Mom! Scroll down to see my Mother's Day gift for you.. .

. . .and sorry, everyone else. I know there were a lot of you that liked that sort of bohemian look, was time. It was getting uncomfortable and well, it was time. . .

The picture above was actually taken about ten days after I cut my hair, so it's already grown in some but when I first cut it, I was pretty close to bald!

Below, a few pictures of the Haircutting Ordeal. . .One of the sweetest things Babs ever did for me was cutting my hair that night. It took so long, and was so difficult and she was so kind and so patient and gentle throughout it all. We really bonded that night!

In many ways, it's good to be short haired again. It's more comfortable, easier to manage (though not any "cooler"--everyone keeps speculating that it was so "hot" having dreads, but I never noticed feeling hot when I had them nor feeling any cooler without them), And to be honest, I feel like I look better without them.

But the part that it's a bit. . . I don't know, sad. . .is that other people don't seem to think so. Everyone who sees me seems so disappointed that they're gone. And from a vanity point of view I guess I'm disappointed too. My dreads set me apart, made me instantly recognizable, gave me a kind of additional aura of "cool" (and it's not as if I have a lot of "aura of cool" to begin with). I can't tell you how often strangers,especially young ones, would stop me on the street to tell me how great my hair was. And they made me feel younger.

Now I definitely feel 33 going on 34 and in a sense feel like I've resigned myself to anonimity and oldness. . .

I could grow it out again, I suppose. . .but, it took me more than two years to grow them in the first place and I'm not sure I want to go through that again. . .nor do I think I have the time or the inclination to care for long hair properly in away .

It's silly I know. . .after all it is only hair.

The first cut. . .

The dreads

One interesting thing is tht my hair changed color. The dreads and the top "layer" of hair actually turned a sort of reddish brown, I guess from the sun while the hair underneath remained black. You can see the contrast here.

The dreads are gone but the job is far from over. . .

Almost there. . .even at this length the hair was still so tangled and matted the clippers would just jam painfully in my hair, pulling at my scalp. We had to use scissors for virutally the entire haircut.


Anonymous said...

Oh you look great! I was a personal fan of the novelty of the dreads. But you look sooo amazing with it off.

As for this cool business. You are the coolest man I know!

Love you brother,


Bev said...

Holy Cow!! Love the cut=)

Marianas Eye said...

I liked the dreads!

Hey, Sean, I'm "tagging" you. See my blog for the rules of how to play. It's really fun, and I think you'll get into it.