Mar 23, 2007

Real Men Make Pies

Two weeks ago my buddy Grant and I got together to make some pies. We had a bunch of apples left from the food supplies for the Mangaha campout and I decided to make a bunch of pies. Grant volunteered to help out (and thank goodness he did, because I think I would have quickly been overwhelmed by the task of making multiple pies on my own). Three hours, twenty apples, eight cups of flour, 3 cups of shortening, and sundry seasonings of cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar later, we had ourselves four piping hot, flaky-crusted home-baked apple pies, which we presented as gifts--one to Missy, Layla, Britni, & Mai; one to Virle, Larene, and Joie, and of course one each to ourselves. Below some pictures of men at work:

I pause in my work slicing apples, to snap this picture while Grant rolls out a crust.

These pies are ready for the oven.

We mug for the cameras with our pies before putting them in to bake.

It was a fun afternoon--talking politics, religion, women--all the controversial topics you're not supposed to touch in polite conversation, while we peeled and sliced apples, made up dough, and rolled out crusts. This is how men make pie. I remember now, that night I was reminded again of why I value Grant so much as a friend. He thinks differently than I do--about politics, religion, women. . .about a lot of things, and because he thinks differently he makes me think harder. He challenges me, and I like that. I learn a lot from Grant, a lot more than I would if he agreed with me on everything. They say iron sharpens iron (or something like that) and Grant sharpens me. Sometimes he comes around to my point of view, sometimes I come around to his, more often both our views change, widen, broaden, deepen.

We should make pies more often. . .

For Grant's perspective on the manly art of pie-making, check out his blog!

ALSO: I've got a new entry in my Faith Journey's blog, a reflection on a Sabbath afternoon of witnessing. It's title: "Can I Get A Witness: Burdening the Woman in Kagman" Check it out by clicking on the Faith Journeys link under the blog list near the bottom of this page or by typing in the website and feel free to comment! I welcome feedback.

ALSO: We're just back from Singapore, and in the next few days I'll be posting a series of blogs about our trip there.

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Mr. Grant said...

I appreciate your unique perspective too. It's nice to bump into people that force you to think hard about things you've taken for granted all your life. It makes you stronger. Just like you said, "Iron sharpens iron." Thanks, pal.