Feb 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Keisha!

Keisha. Strong. Smart. Brave. Beautiful.

My first memory of her is of her in third grade, my first year at the Saipan SDA School, showing up for the school Spirit Week "twins" day dressed as a twin of her stuffed cow--the two of them both wearing a black and white Holstein dress and Keisha scowling, daring anyone to laugh at her. From the start, Keisha made an impression on me and she's never stopped. I'm very proud of all that she's accomplished and wish her the very best and brightest future. God bless you, Keisha, and Happy 18th birthday!

Keisha's been a veteran of REAL Christian Theater since she was in fifth grade! Here she is on stage performing in Rota last fall.

"Bono Girl" Keisha Paez, the woman with a million shades.

On Friday, February 16, our dear friend and former student Keisha Paez turned 18. On Monday, Februray 18, she had a beach party debut. She’s half Filipina and for Filipina girls, the 18th birthday is a really big deal. Most girls have a huge, fancy party called debut which features people in formal wear, 18 roses, and 18 escorts and all that kind of thing. Well, Keisha decided to do debut in her own unique style and had a huge beach barbecue at the beach behind Aquarius resort.

The highlight of the afternoon was when various people had the opportunity to share memories of Keisha and give her advice for the future. Barbara and I were both asked to speak and we were honored to be a part of this special moment in Keisha’s life.

Keisha and Babs chopping up chicken for barbeque. Keisha's on the right with the towel on her head. The night before Keisha's debut (which was also the night of Keisha's directorial debut--pun intended--she was the director of Class Reunion, our dinner theater show) Babs and I went over to the Paez house to help with making the food. Actually Babs did the helping, I just sat around and watched and went on the internet. . .

The backdrop to the Birthday party.

Keisha listens appreciatively to the tributes.

Babs, Keisha, and Me

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Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Keisha in 2012 and I am very impressed with her. She's intelligent, athletic, and beautiful. Seems to be a great woman!