Feb 24, 2007

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I have Filipino relatives

2. I used to live on a farm.

3. I got lost in European cities at night. Twice. In less than 24 hours. The first time was in Utrecht, the Netherlands after I'd gone out with a girl I met and was trying to walk back to the place where I was staying. The second time was the very next night in Stuttgart, Germany when my buddy J and I couldn't find our hostel. We found it with only minutes to spare before they locked up for the night.

4. The first album I ever bought was Tiffany. It was 1987 and it was a tape cassette. I had a huge thing for Tiffany in 1987. Pictures of her cut out of Teen Beat in my journal and everything. Even today, every time I hear "I think we're alone now". . . .

5. And lest you think I'm a total weenie: I have fired every type of gun imaginable--44 Magnum, Glock 9 mm, pump action shotgun, 30.30, civilain versions (i.e. semiautomatic as opposed to fully automatic) of the M-16 and Ak-47, the list goes on. You name it, I've shot it. I bet you never thought I was so "gangsta!" Actually, my friends in high school Chris and Greg were serious gun nuts.

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Bev said...

i loved Tiffany too!!=)