Aug 14, 2010

Babs Celebrates the New 30

Babs poses with some of her "guests" at her birthday party, Friday, August 13, 2010.

Yesterday, August 13, Babs celebrated what we are calling her New 30th birthday. If you want to be all technical, she's 40, but you know what they say: "Forty is the new thirty." So the New 30 it is!

For such a milestone it was a pretty quiet day. She went to work in the morning as usual and in the afternoon we went to see Eat Pray Love together. ("Little Sister", our former student from Saipan and a close friend of the family had been visiting with us all week and she stayed home with the Little Feller). It was nice to spend some time together--a birthday gift that was a treat for me as much as it was for Babs.

Yesterday evening we headed downtown to Basil, a Thai restuarant in the eclectic, bohemian Short North neighborhood. There we met up with more than forty of Babs dearest friends from the first four decades of her life. Wow, you're thinking, you must have had to reserve the whole restuarant. Well, technically, there were only nine people there--J and Evelyn Carlos and their son, Erwin and Rachel Capilitan, "Little Sister", Babs, the Feller and me. But many others were there "in spirit"--everyone from her childhood friend Robyn to her high school gymnastics coach Rick Schwarz, to college friends Darchelle Worley, Heidi and Eric Starling, to a host of Saipan friends including the Piersons, Virle and Joeie, Bev and Greg, the Knowltons, the Staffords, the Quinns, the Lacorte family, Judith, Mai, Brit, and so many others.

In the last two weeks or so I had contacted more than forty of the people I knew meant a lot to Babs throughout her life and asked them to send a card, and in so doing, joining us in spirit to celebrates Babs' birthday. I knew all the people who practically could be there, would be there--but most of our dearest friends over the years were scattered across the globe.

I have to say I was amazed and Barbara was deeply moved by the fantastic response we received from our friends--some of whom we hadn't seen or spoken to in many years. Not only did these lovely people send the cards, but they wrote heartfelt words of love--reflecting on shared memories, expressing appreciation, admiration, and affection. It was so evident that each person had put real thought and care in to what they sent and the love could be felt across the miles and years. A big thank you to all who participated. Thanks for being there, once again. Babs says your efforts are the best birthday gift she's ever gotten. (And if you sent your card late, don't feel bad. We got another handful today and more are still to come in the next week, so the celebration is extended!)

This may have been Barbara's New 30th birthday, but it was made special by a lot of old friends!

The dinner party at Basil. Excellent Thai food by the way and a very cool setting. We will be back for sure. Clockwise from bottom left: "Little Sister", Me, J, Evelyn holding the Maycock and Carlos boys, Babs, Rachel, and Erwin.

Rachel Capilitan with her husband Erwin, flashing four in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary which was the same day. We were touched that they chose to celebrate with us. Rachel was an SM in Saipan during the 2004-2005 school year. She met Erwin (whose sister Myla was a student of mine) in Saipan and they married in 2006. Our friendship with Rachel has been marked by amazing coincidences. On more than one occasion we've run into her in the most unexpected times and places. Most recently, we discovered that she and Erwin happened to be living in the same apartment complex as us--just a few buildings over. It's been great having them as neighbors--Erwin has become a pretty regular running buddy. Sadly they'll be moving at the end of the month--but only 25 minutes away so I'm sure we'll still see them from time to time.

"Little Sister" mugging for the camera. It was a real treat to have her with us this past week. Our son had a blast hanging out with his favorite "auntie." That is mainly why she came--to secure her place as Number One honorary "auntie."

Hanging out after dinner.

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Mai said...

I'm glad it turned out so great - that's such a great idea you came up with!! I'm glad I was 'invited'!! :) (And it's great to hear that you've been running again!)