Jul 31, 2010

A Few Florida Photos

The Piersons! We zipped down to Tampa on Sunday, July 18, 2010 to catch up with Ken, Crystal, and Baby Shylah who were in town visiting Crystal's parents and brother. We had a nice dinner with the Piersons and Crystal's family at Columbia, a Spanish restaurant, where this photo was taken.

We took a little family vacation to Florida to see my side of the family from July 16 to July 25. Here's a sampling of some of the friends and family we saw while there. Most of the account of this trip will be found in the Feller's blog, so check there for more pictures, videos, and details.

Ken, Crystal, and Shylah Pierson

The Feller chillin' with his Saipan "uncle" and "aunt."

A photo from Thursday, July 22, 2010-- our visit with Uncle Robert & Aunt Diana, and my youngest cousin Taylor, who at four years old is much closer to Elijah's age than mine.

Four generations: The boy, his dad, his grandmother, and great-grandmother

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Mai said...

That's great that you got to see the Piersons!! I am trying to patiently wait my turn to meet Shylah!