Mar 28, 2010

Early Spring Sabbath Afternoon

Last weekend (March 19-22), we went down to Dayton to spend the weekend with Bab's parents.

After the Feller's Sabbath afternoon nap, we two ventured out to explore the wonders of God's creation in the backyard. Everything is just beginning to come alive and we were both fascinated.

I was excited to find the first buds of the season on this bush by the driveway. I wanted to get a really great close-up shot like the Beachcomber would do, but unfortunately I couldn't get the camera to cooperate.

The Feller dug through grandma's flower bed on the patio and found. . .

"a smooth round stone/as small as a world/and as big as alone" (e.e. cummings)

At the end of our Sabbath afternoon exploration, Grandma came out to join us.

(See more pics on the Feller's blog).

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The Beachcomber said...

That darn uncooperative macro function! I see pine cones too! I <3 pine cones! I bet you are happy that it is Spring and getting warmer. You'll be quite toasty when you guys get to Saipan, my friend!