Sep 13, 2008

Last Days B.E. (Before Elijah)

Forbidden Island hike, Sabbath afternoon, August 23, 2008.

Elijah arrived like a thief in the night, when we least expected him. We knew we were living in the Last Days before his arrival, but we had no idea he would come so soon. Still we couldn't have been happier to see him arrive. Though everything wasn't quite perfect, the thing that mattered most--our hearts--was completely ready to receive him.

Take what object lessons you will from our experience. In any case, here's a photographic account of some of the things I did in those last days before our world turned upside down and changed forever.

Three weeks ago, I went hiking down to Forbidden Island with Ken & Crystal, Twyla, Nicole, Rhonda, Jaimie, one of our students and the Pierson's passel of dogs:

Rhonda and Jaimie pose with the island.

Rhonda, Jaimie, and Nicole--Missionaries don't come much tougher than these three.

Some of this year's running crew at the hidden pool at Forbidden Island. Actually we haven't run together since Elijah was born, but I plan to get back out there--probably once the grandmothers arrive. (Oh, and 4Runners--you know who you are--don't worry. You're irreplacable.)

The end of a successful hike and another lovely Saipan Sabbath. (L to R, Nicole, Me, Crystal, Ken, our student, Twyla, Rhonda, and Jaimie).

Two weeks ago we had our annual REAL Christian Theater retreat. It ran, as it usually does from Friday night to Sabbath evening, and we held it, as we usually do up at the Maturana House of Prayer. This year, Babs didn't come up to help with the cooking as she usually does though (she opted to stay home and rest up--little did we know--for bringing Elijah into this world later that weekend).

We've got a full team this year, and even have some boys on the troupe, this time around. The group is younger (half the team is in 5th or 6th grade) but full of spirit. I'm looking forward to one of our best seasons yet!

The 2008-2009 REAL Christian Theater drama troupe, Sabbath, August 30, 2008

The following pictures are mainly for our former teachers who know and love these students:

"M" and new REAL director Rhonda Prokopetz

Two veteran actors, sixth grader"Ji" on top, in her second year with the team and seventh grader "Little Sister" starting her third year.

New director Ms. Megan Mocca with "M" and "J"

"The Treasurer" second from left and one of our new fifth grade team members.

Another new fifth grader on the team.

"Little Sister" and Rhonda.


Brit's Blog said...

Reals looking good this year :)

I'm so proud of the kids. They are getting so big.

Miss you guys! Give Elijah big kisses from me!

Vero in Saipan said... kiddos! What a big group we've got this year with REAL! Hope everything continues to go well. Love ya'll!