Sep 6, 2008

For the Nonas

Our Elijah. You can see the touch of jaundice Elijah developed after a few days. The condition in which the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow is very common among newborns, and even more so for newborns that are born between 36 and 38 weeks. Elijah was born at 37 weeks. According to the doctors, his case is mild and in fact, it seems to be already clearing up a little bit.

My mom has been asking me to post more pictures of Elijah for days now so I must oblige her. So to those of you who don't enjoy looking at baby pictures. . .too bad! This one is for the Nonas (as I'm sure Grandma Leen is eager to see more photos of her grandson too).

Wide-eyed! I took this photo just a few hours before posting, so this is the most recent picture we have of him.

At the hospital

In his crib at home

It's not good to have your baby sleep in the car seat, but some times. . .well, it's just SO effective at soothing them that sometimes you just give in. We thought this was so funny. Elijah was fast asleep and at one point he just stuck out his hands and his feet as if he were flying. So cute!

The "siblings." Kimo's been really great since Elijah got home. Babs read about how to prepare your dog for a new baby and we did it when we brought Elijah home. Babs went in first with a used onesie of Elijah's for Kimo to smell. Then we brought in Elijah, being careful not to let her get too close. Since then she's been great. She seems to be very accepting of her "replacement." Of course she only gets to see him from a distance and this is the closest they've ever been with the two of them sleeping--Elijah, safe in his portable crib and Kimo on the floor.

In the car seat for the first time. Thanks to Frank, Ethel and little Kyle Diesta for lending us their car seat for the ride home from the hospital. Lucky for us, our car seat came in the mail that same day so we could return it right away.

Sleeping Child.

O Eli
There's a sanctity in your innocence
A certain beauty and no uncertain strength
That brings me to the faith
I don't know if I
If I am climbing to or falling in
But it comes like grace from your tiny hands
When I hold you in mine
And I pray that the eyes
Of your heart
Shine bright
With the hope to which your called
And may you know with all the saints
The height, the depth, the width, and the length
Of the love of God

O Eli
There's a joy in your sweet abandon
Like the cowgirl ballerina
Leaves that ride
The wild and holy bucking wind that the sky
Sent through you to blow away these walls I've built
Walls of selfishness and walls of guilt
That leave me free to be a child.

--Rich Mullins "Eli's Song"

Babs does not want Elijah to be nicknamed Eli, but this song is so beautiful and so perfect for him that I used it any way.


Mai said...

I'm not his nona, but I appreciated the pictures just the same! He's so cute! Thanks for sharing! How are you enjoying fatherhood?

Brit's Blog said...

Sean and Barbara congrats! What a cutie pie!

He's doubt about it.

I'm so happy to hear he's healthy and beautiful. You two look so incredibly happy...thanks for sharing with us across the world :) You're going to make fantastic parents!

miss you and give him kisses from aunty Britni

Bev said...

So adorable=) He's gonna be a heart breaker! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy he is finally here. He is so handsome. Congratulation to new proud parents. More blessing to both of you and your bundle of joy.

We are all doing ok just not getting used to the cold yet we have aircon all day and night and every minute of the day FREE...Greeting to all especially my church family...

Shannon said...

I am so excited to have seen some more pictures of little Elijah...he is so darling! Thanks for sharing these snapshots!

Riki said...

love these pictures! elijah is one good-lookin' little man!

Vero in Saipan said...

the more pics of him I see, the more my heart melts! I'm so happy for you both and he is just adorable! May G-d continue to bless your beautiful and growing family! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

how wonderful! congratulations to the two of you (and kimo). he's absolutely beautiful. enjoy every second. - kim

Aya said...