Aug 22, 2008

Second Saipan Sabbath

The teachers at San Juan Beach, Sabbath afternoon, August 16, 2008: From left, Amy, Nicole, Angie, Cristina, Jaimie, and Rhonda.

On the second Sabbath in Saipan for most of our new teachers on Saipan (it was Rhonda's first Sabbath), we took them down to San Juan Beach on the eastern side of the island. This is was the launching point for Grant and I's "Lost" adventure and the location for our Boys Campout. It was also one of our stops on that fabled Last Day with the 4Runners this past June. We returned once again this to these historic sands this past Sabbath afternoon. The waves were really big, and out at sea the water churned and boiled. The sea was restless and raging and our teachers felt a taste of her power.

The Baptism

Cristina, Jaimie, and Rhonda get washed:

I'm pretty sure that this is representative of what it's been like for our new teachers as they've begun their year of teaching--like they've been hit by a huge wave that's knocked them off their feet and scratched them up a bit. But they're getting back up and welcoming the next swell. They're doing great!

Angie, Rhonda, Jaimie, Nicole, and Cristina.


Mai said...

Opps! I left a comment on the Pierson's blog saying I didn't think I'd been there before, because they called it Kingfisher Beach. But, it turns out....I have been there! Lol! We shoulda taken on the waves like that on our last day all together! Looks like fun!

Marianas Eye said...

I don't think I've been to this beach. Where is it, and how do you get there.

When's the due date?

Whimsy Peddler said...

I love this place! The waves crashing over you is such a picture perfect moment!

Larkin said...

Take care of those girls, Jaimie and Rhonda, as they take care of Saipan's loved ones.